September 3, 2009 11:37 AM

I am a BEAST!

Who am I? I just fixed the toilet, nyah nyah nyah! That's right-girls can do plumbery stuff and not have an epileptic fit! If you saw a girl walking randomly around with a plunger-that was me, all women should walk with (a clean) one over their shoulder-taking pride in our unclogging skills!

Classes are going well so far, right now I'm under the limit of minimum amount of units due to me really not wanting to take two classes of Taekwondo-I have nothing against it-I just like sleeping in more. I was rejected by the Chemistry of Cooking decal and am waiting for my e-owl for the Harry Potter decal. If I don't get that-I'll be taking Education 198 which is a class to help out transfers access resources on campus.

PMB 135 is going well, I read over the lab and their pre-lab questions, I am surprised at how easy this one was-my o-chem pre-labs could bench press these. Then again, my o-chem teacher is actually a professor at large from Cal (or so my memory serves) and has a mailbox on campus.

PMB 150 is It's being taught by five(?) different teachers-which is a fairly unique experience so far. I hope this schizophrenic way of learning doesn't work against me. Currently we're being lectured by this English professor who talks at the speed of light and has a propensity for hitting projectors.

IB 117 is as huge as ever. I had to dash like a madmen from one of my other labs in order to land a decent seat up front. The class feels a lot more like an anthropology class than a botany one at the moment-but the labs are crazy cool! We have to go up to the botanical gardens once a week to study and memorize specimens.

The thing that I find most disconcerting is how labs and lectures here aren't really connected. In my junior college, labs and lectures were written and done by one person-so what we learned in lecture-we applied in lab and vice versa. Here-to a lesser degree. Even more disturbing is how some people don't even TAKE the lab portion (in some other cases, the lecture). That's like saying I'm going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then leave the bread out!!

You crazy Cal kids.

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