September 9, 2009 8:45 PM

Now things are picking up

Panda Tie
My dad has the best taste in ties.

So it's what, the second and a half-week at Cal-things are starting to shift a bit faster. I think those Calso people were wrong when they said we'd hit the ground running. It was more of a brisk jog. I most certainly wasn't scrambling to get lectures and sorts together. True I was a bit panicky on getting one last class to fulfill my minimum number of units, which reminds me, I got into the Harry Potter decal class. We're supposed to be sorted into our houses by next week, here's hopin for Slytherin!

My classes are going really well. Actually, a bit too well. That English professor I mentioned last time said in front of the class how smart he thought I was. Quite embarrassing really because he has no proof. All I did was ask lots of questions, mostly because I am at average intelligence. I hope I do well on the first exam and don't make myself look like a fool.

Medical Ethnobotany lab at the Botanical Gardens yesterday was exhausting. Lots of squatting, bad sketching and light sunburns. Since we are at the max of people in this lab, the garden can actually be a bit crowded. I wasn't in a terribly great mood yesterday so I wasn't afraid to be a bit pushy and I may have scared some of the more timid students. Oh dear.


Today in PMB 150 lab, I was talking with another student about dating on campus. Being that my parents are more on the traditional side-I am officially not allowed to date because quote, "You go to school to learn, not to meet boys." Which really hasn't stopped me. I figured once I got away, dating would be MUCH easier and truth is...not so much so far. While I am constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) meeting new people-I'm not really finding anyone special. Yes there are some cute guys in my classes, but they are also complete strangers and probably have girlfriends. While I spend a majority of my time studying, it would be kind of nice to have a more dynamic social life. Where (other than my classes) do I meet people? I'm not much of a drinker so I think I'd do more pooping than partying at pubs/clubs. I'm having a hard time finding clubs I actually like and most of my friends are science majors-which means all of us are always busy.

Maybe I should be more patient.

A friend took me round to her coop a few hours ago. Cloyne Court is actually kind of nice and clean. I like the private courtyard they have. We saw a bus where a bunch of people had used to attend Burning Man. Plus, they fed me. Except I had to earn my food in a one vs fifty scrambling match. They placed bowls of food outside and everybody dived to grab something before it was gone. People were very nice and one spooned me a bit of spaghetti-but I felt like we were little piglets trying to find a free teat.

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