October 9, 2009 7:51 PM

Breast Cancer: Everyone deserves a lifetime

Before skipping school to attend the SFO Breast Cancer 3Day, I spammed all my Professors and GSIs with emails excusing my absence from class and to make up any work that I will miss. Let me just say...Boy was that a stressful process!!! Juggling the workload I had at that time with deadlines meant for two weeks later is something I never want to repeat. Without the accommodating and understanding responses from my Professors and GSIs, I would have forfeited about one fourth of my final grades. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Berkeley teachers.

As part of our agreement, my Japanese sensei requested a written email from my team captain for proof of my involvement with the 3Day. Faren Shear's beautifully articulated emotions and ideas perfectly explain the essence of the Breast Cancer 3Day cause. If you have the time, please read her email and visit her site!

On October 2-4, 2009 Amelia and I will be just 2 of over 300 crew members supporting the walkers on the San Francisco Breast Cancer 3 Day. It’s a 60-mile walk over three days to raise money for breast cancer. The net proceeds will support the combined efforts of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) Breast Cancer Fund in their mission to fund access to care and find a cure for breast cancer. We’ll be serving as crew members on a Pit stop team, giving our time and service to the walkers for three days.

When I heard that one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew I had to do something about it. I don’t have a lot of money, and I can’t find a cure for cancer, but I found that this was something that I could do. About 40,000 will die from the disease. That’s why I’m doing this - to do something bold about breast cancer.

I am very thankful that Amelia has decided to give her time and effort to this cause, I could not do this job supporting the walkers without her. She has already been working hard planning for the weekend and also fund raising for the cause. I know she will miss her commitments at school, but this is a life experience that I look forward to sharing with her and know from my past work with the 3 Day that there are always many important life lessons to be learned in the service of others.

I am now officially not a 3Day "virgin" anymore. I want to come up with an eloquent entry to express my sincere appreciation for the memorable Breast Cancer experience the SFO 3Day blessed me with. Unfortunately with the stress of school and research, I am short on time to reflect and analyze all the complicated emotions that surfaced in my head during the closing ceremony... I do not know when I can fully understand their significance. However when I do, I promise I will share with you. The 3Day is seriously both physically and emotionally draining. But the life's lessons and experiences I picked up are invaluable! Thank you Breast Cancer 3Day for showing me that the goodness in humanity still exists in a world filled with greed and contempt.

In the words of Mark Henderson, one of my fellow Pit Stop 4 teammate:

[I am] feeling so blessed to have been able to support the almost 1,500 walkers who tromped, limped, and staggered through SF and Marin county the past 3 days. I laughed with them, hugged them, and even cried with them. I am so grateful I could do that. I also worked with some totally awesome ladies in my crew - thanks girls! Great day to be alive!... [I am] thanking God [that] I was blessed to work with such an awesome group of "strangers" that came together and became the most righteous, the most rad, happenin', bitchin', groovy, loving, caring , and hardest working groups on the road.

Echoing Mark's comments, I too was grateful for the opportunity to laugh, hug and cry with the ladies and GENTLEMEN at the 3Day. As I sat along the curb at Crissy fields waiting for my ride back to Berkeley, I realized that I unknowingly interacted with thousands of unnamed heroes that weekend. For four days (not three since crew members spend an extra day before the walkers arrive preparing for the event at Cow Palace), we lived in a bubble full of optimistic hope and compassionate love while basking in the 'hearts of grace' of survivors, walkers, crew members, staff administrators, volunteers from the community, family members and so many more people.

It is disheartening to know that these people are affected by breast cancer in some way other another. Cancer really does not discriminate against race, culture, age, gender, or social status. With odds like 1 out of 8 women developing breast cancer, there is an urgency to discover a cure. I can confidently say that my life changed after participating in this 3Day with my mommy.

Please help me raise awareness about the Breast Cancer cause.
Everyone deserves a lifetime.


opening ceremony with mom


in no flushing toilets- lovely. good times.


closing ceremony

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Aloha Amelia! [now that I think about it...I should have posted this comment with you last blog post =)] Glad to know you tried the green smoothies. Granted, it's a bit different but the key is to put more fruit than greens. Would love to know what recipes you've tried and what's been working for you! You are more than welcome to email me anytime and I'll happily give you some of the things / tips when I got started. Loving the energizer bunny photo btw..

Posted by Alex Tellez | 2009-10-16

Amelia, you look happy with your mom!!! :)))

Posted by Jack | 2010-02-04

Say no to breast cancer!

Posted by Ben | 2010-02-08

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