October 13, 2009 12:36 AM

Decisions, Decisions...

As you all know, Telebears season is upon us, again. Be sure to make an appointment with your advisor and figure out which classes to take next semester. Remember that some classes are only offered either spring or fall semester, so plan wisely. You don't want to have to stay an extra semester because you have to take that one upper division course requirement.

So I met with my advisor, Trey, this past Friday. After looking over my DARS report, he told me that I only had 5 more courses to take in order to graduate! The only problem is that I can't decide whether I should graduate early or spread out those 5 classes over the next 3 semesters. Most of the people I've asked said they wouldn't graduate a semester early.

To me, there are pros and cons for each choice...

*half an hour later*

I actually did make a list of the pros and cons and I was about to post it, but I think I made my decision in the process of writing that list. My mom always told me that college was the best part of her life, so I don't want to make the mistake of leaving too soon. I'm going to spread out those 5 classes over 3 semesters, while exploring other aspects of college life that I've ignored so far.

So on that note, what should I take next semester?! :)

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Comments (1)

Trey told me the same thing. With the fee increases, graduating early would be nice on my parents, but you're mom has a point-college is a good experience. You should consider making your last semester really easy while preparing for the future like working or taking the GRE or MCAT tests.

Posted by Josephine | 2009-10-13

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