October 18, 2009 3:31 PM

Decisions, Part II

I thought I had decided not to graduate early, but now I'm on the fence, again. I talked to my mom about it and she said it was my decision, but that I could get a job and save money for medical school if I do graduate early. I'm basically going to be living in a box and eating ramen everyday in medical school. :( Hopefully not, but close enough.

Anyways, I've been trying to plan out my schedule for my remaining semesters. I still have to take PMB C112/L (General Microbiology), MCB 104 (Genetics, Genomics, and Cell Bio), MCB C148 (Microbial Genetics and Genomics), and 2 electives. For my electives, I really want to take Biology of Fungi and Biology of Algae, but neither one is offered next spring, so I might take Soil Microbiology, instead. I'm currently in a research lab that's 4 units a semester, so that more than 12 hours/ week. Starting from next semester, I'm probably going to be a UGSI for the Prep Lab class, which is either 1 or 2 units. So I'm down for at least 5 units a semester already. I work at least 10 hours a week. I'm also premed, so I have to think about allocating time to do med school apps next fall semester. I'd love some advice on any of these classes! Please and thank you!

1. I heard MCB 104 is really hard. Does anyone know if it's better to take it in Spring or Fall?

2. MCB C148 is only offered in Spring, so I'll either take it next semester or next spring, if I don't graduate early. I'm planning to take PMB C112/L this coming spring. Would it be difficult to take PMB C112/L + MCB C148 + research lab + prep lab + Soil Micro? Hmm...that looks like an equation for sleepless nights, but what do you guys think?

3. Take your pick:
A) Graduate Early
Spring 2010: PMB C112/L + MCB C148 + research lab + prep lab + Soil Micro
Fall 2010: MCB 104 + research lab + prep lab + elective + med school apps
B) Graduate on time:
Spring 2010: PMB C112/L + research lab + prep lab + Soil Micro
Fall 2010: MCB 104 + research lab + prep lab + elective + med school apps
Spring 2010: MCB C148 + research lab + prep lab + a fun class!

4. Does anyone have a favorite elective in Microbial that I should take? :) I've already taken Techniques in Light Microscopy (excellent) and CA Mushrooms (I think I've raved enough about this class already...).

I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any advice for me! I'm stressing out a bit, so anything would help.

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Comments (1)

Take your time, you'll save what, 20k? Later on in life, you'll be glad that you spent that amount of $$ for a year in college because guess what, this is your only chance. You will never be an undergraduate again. Plus, why not pace yourself instead of cramming everything in? Higher GPA + more time to dedicate to boosting your resume and studying for MCATs :).

Posted by Anna | 2009-10-21

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