October 6, 2009 11:00 AM

Thank god for Trey Patridge!

I completely forgot we got Telebears this month and lovely Trey reminds us GPB kids to sign up for an appointment with him in order to obtain an advisor's code. Originally he was just the advisor for our small GPB community, but with budget cuts, he has to help take on the MCB kids too.

I got mine super early, I don't actually sign up for classes until the end of the month but I just came in this morning and grabbed my code and missed the cavalcade of last-minute panic. Poor Trey has to meet 400 souls the week before registration.

Get your code early kids.

Oh and note on the game between USC and Cal...WHO CARES!!!??? We lose a game-BOOHOO-winning or losing game doesn't make me any better or worse at plant development, people are just looking for a distraction and I certainly don't find any in some silly college game. Watch some TV or go bookstore shopping-it's much more satisfying!

On another note-DO NOT EVEN THINK OF HOOKING UP YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT WITH YOUR CALMAIL ACCOUNT!!! I tried to do so in order to have to avoid checking both accounts and just have the mail from calmail sent to gmail-BIG ****ING MISTAKE!!

My Calmail went and committed seppuku! It sent all the mail from my calmail account before deleting everything. I have no idea why, just all I know is DON'T DO IT!!!

Now if you don't mind, I have performed mediocrely on my last few tests and need to study. Also, beg for a lab position.

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