28 November 2009

Offensive Play

Instead of participating in the insane Black Friday festivities, I opted to spoil myself silly with hours and hours of recreational reading this Thanksgiving. One rather lengthy article that I read was Offensive Play by Malcolm Gladwell. Pretty catchy title with a pretty catchy theme. I mean, who can ignore a piece of writing that eloquently connects football, dog fights and brain damage? Only a skillful writer could string together these three seemingly unrelated topics in such a way that informs the reader of a refreshing perspective which leaves him/her contemplating for days.

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26 November 2009

Mendocino Fieldtrip

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone's enjoying the break. Once we come back, we only have a week of class left! It's time to start studying for finals! I actually have some classes during the week of the 7th because some of my professors had planned their syllabus before the new academic calendar was determined. So this past weekend, I went to Mendocino with my California Mushrooms class. The cabins were infinitely better than the ones at the Redwood Forest, but the mushroom hunting was much more exciting at Redwood Forest. mendocino%20cabins.jpg

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23 November 2009

Yummy NEW flavored Teas

So, lately, I've been drinking lots of green tea and this really delicious red bamboo tea. For some reason, as much as I love tea and the benefits it gives, I wanted to change flavors. So, I thought to myself, what would be a great tasting drink that still involved some sort of tea? Water is way to boring for me and since it is winter, cup of warm liquid ( not coffee), hits the spot. You might wonder, why tea? well, beside the added warmth, you may know that tea is rich in polyphenols( same antioxidants found in red wine!), and has been linked to heart protective and cancer preventative benefits( still being researched on). Hey, might as well start now! So, I opened my CookingLight magazine and found this great tip.

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20 November 2009


A friend asked me, "What’s for dinner tonight," while we were haphazardly running alongside the Strawberry Creek from Barker Hall to Bancroft after attending a seminar about plant pathogen interactions given by Alexander M. Jones. I quickly replied, "Bruschetta." She stared at me for two quick seconds and innocently asked, "But didn't you have bruschetta for Thursday's and Wednesday's AND Tuesday's dinner?" I laughed and responded with, "Yup. I'll take it one step further. Bruschetta was on the menu for Thursday's, Wednesday's, Tuesday's, Monday's, Sunday's and Saturday's dinner AND lunch." "Uhhh... no green smoothie?" "Is there a need to ask that question?" "OF COURSE." "Green smoothies complemented the bruschetta during some lunches. LaraBars were for breakfast." "Wow... dude Amelia, you are one strange girl." "Hahaa… Thanks buddy. I'll take that as a genuine compliment." To make matters more interesting, this 5 minutes conversation took place while fierce rain drops were relentlessly pelting every CAL student in sandals with no umbrellas like us two girls. And I mean PELTING. To illustrate, let's just say I was completely drenched (hopefully not in acid rain) by the time I unlocked my apartment door this afternoon. So why bruschetta you may ask.

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18 November 2009

And the winner is...

ME! (and fellow blogger Amelia and classmate Vincent). I like this whole system here at Berkeley where the lab wraps up before finals-how neato is that? At community college, we had labs practically to the last day of instruction-so I'd be sitting stressed in a lab coat wishing I could be studying for my lecture-but now I don't have to. They saved the best lab for PMB 150 for last. It was actually one of the more stressful and confusing ones-but if you think about it, having to identify mutant Arabidopsis' utilizing the information gained during lecture-it's kind of cool. So there was a little contest going on between the three groups-and ours got every one right. Teamwork! So the prize was...not not having to write up a lab. Bummer. Instead, it was a bunch of roses in a beaker. AND I GOT THE BEAKER!!!!!!! (and most of the roses...) My major ****ing rocks!

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15 November 2009

Redwood Forest

Last weekend, I went to Redwood Forest with my CA Mushrooms class! I've wanted to go to the Redwood Forest for the longest time, but somehow never managed to find the time to. Even though it's a 6 hour drive there, it was totally worth it. We got there on Friday night around 10 pm, so most of us marched off to the cabins. My professor described the cabins as "Spartan, wooden plank bunks and a single light bulb." I'll let you guys be the judge of that: CA%20Mush%20326.jpg The cabins were ice-cold! I actually spent Saturday night sleeping in a chair in the dining hall because it was warmer in there.

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05 November 2009

Green Smoothies part two

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised by Alex Tellez's spontaneous comment on my blog about my daring attempts at drinking green liquids for lunch. It was quite an honor that he took time out of his busy schedule to read my random- most oftentimes crazy- posts! Since he was the sole person responsible for motivating me to change my sodium enriched canned foods and take outs eating habits, I felt he deserved a long detailed explanation of the many times I stared at my revolting green smoothies- thinking how in the world am I going to force myself to swallow another cold vegetable soup?!?! As you can imagine- or will after you see the pictures I took of my first few smoothies- I was more than eager to discuss the seemingly endless mistakes that I made during my love/hate experience with my first couple revolting vegetable drinks. Thankfully, I quickly discovered that the secret to blending DELICIOUS green smoothies was to disproportionately add more fruits than vegetables. I thought you might find the green smoothie narrative I wrote to Alex an interesting read. Thus I am going to take the liberty and share an excerpt to you:

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05 November 2009

Things from today's lab

So earlier on tuesday, our class headed to SF chinatown to tour medicinal shops aka GSI Chris' shopping spree. Today there was an demonstration of making powdered extract from the spoils and sampling of the asian medicinal patches. My mom and grandma used to use them, but I was never allowed to touch them. Today-I stuck three of them on me and got cupped! Nyah nyah. Here are some of the things I sneaked out of lab:
analgesic patches, mushroom tea and cold pills are to be had!

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03 November 2009

Working with Daphnias

So this semester, I decided to apply for URAP and looking at our NST department, I was in luck. There were many new projects that were available this year and I quickly applied. Along with four other undergrads, we got accepted in the Vulpe lab! I'm so excited to be a part of the research that we're doing. Let me introduce to you what daphnas are. They are nicknamed" water fleas," because these little transparent "bugs" can swim around really fast in the water. We are using these daphnias for toxicity assays in hopes for the long run goal: testing environmental ( mainly water) and ecological effects on toxicants. It's great to solve mysteries in lab, especially when things don't go as planned . For instance, part of my role

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