November 18, 2009 9:30 PM

And the winner is...

ME! (and fellow blogger Amelia and classmate Vincent).

I like this whole system here at Berkeley where the lab wraps up before finals-how neato is that? At community college, we had labs practically to the last day of instruction-so I'd be sitting stressed in a lab coat wishing I could be studying for my lecture-but now I don't have to.

They saved the best lab for PMB 150 for last. It was actually one of the more stressful and confusing ones-but if you think about it, having to identify mutant Arabidopsis' utilizing the information gained during lecture-it's kind of cool. So there was a little contest going on between the three groups-and ours got every one right. Teamwork!

So the prize was...not not having to write up a lab. Bummer. Instead, it was a bunch of roses in a beaker. AND I GOT THE BEAKER!!!!!!! (and most of the roses...)

My major ****ing rocks!

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