November 26, 2009 9:18 PM

Mendocino Fieldtrip

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone's enjoying the break. Once we come back, we only have a week of class left! It's time to start studying for finals! I actually have some classes during the week of the 7th because some of my professors had planned their syllabus before the new academic calendar was determined.

So this past weekend, I went to Mendocino with my California Mushrooms class. The cabins were infinitely better than the ones at the Redwood Forest, but the mushroom hunting was much more exciting at Redwood Forest.


On Sunday, we were going to have tea with David Arora, author of Mushrooms Demystified, but unfortunately, our professor caught a bad cold and wanted to head back to Berkeley early.


I wish this class was a yearlong class because the species that come out during the spring are completely different from the ones that come out during the fall. For those of you looking for an interesting upper division elective, I would highly recommend this class. It mainly focuses on taxonomy and recognition, instead of the biology of fungi. Professor Bruns also teaches the Biology of Fungi course.

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Comments (1)

I'm super glad you've enjoyed the class! It was definitely one of my all time favorites! Oh, and having tea with David Arora would have been amazing...

Posted by Irene | 2009-11-29

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