November 15, 2009 10:15 PM

Redwood Forest

Last weekend, I went to Redwood Forest with my CA Mushrooms class! I've wanted to go to the Redwood Forest for the longest time, but somehow never managed to find the time to. Even though it's a 6 hour drive there, it was totally worth it. We got there on Friday night around 10 pm, so most of us marched off to the cabins. My professor described the cabins as "Spartan, wooden plank bunks and a single light bulb." I'll let you guys be the judge of that:


The cabins were ice-cold! I actually spent Saturday night sleeping in a chair in the dining hall because it was warmer in there.

Everyone was up early Saturday morning for breakfast, where we were joined by classes from Humboldt State and San Francisco State. After breakfast, we each set off with a basket, compass, whistle, and a safety blanket. Apparently, someone on a previous fieldtrip had gotten lost in the forest and had to spend the night there.

Redwood Forest is absolutely amazing. Mushrooms were everywhere! Before this class, I probably wouldn't have noticed if there was a mushroom on my path, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have missed this mushroom:


My favorite Boletus edulis:


I think I collected about 20 different species! It was such an adventure! Remember those movies or cartoons where a guy has to hack his way through the jungle? It was kind of like that, except we tried not to kill any plants. My friend and I climbed over huge Redwood logs, slid under fallen trees, and crawled our way through the forest. Also, I was doing all this in high-heeled boots. Before you guys think I'm crazy, let me explain. We were told that it was going to rain, so I had to decide between my high-heeled boots or my regular shoes that have holes on the sides. I chose the boots, but it didn't rain.

On Sunday, we had lunch on the bank of the Eel River in the Avenue of Giants!


Anyways, if you guys get a chance, definitely go visit the Redwood Forest. You have to see California's state tree, right?


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Comments (1)

Hello victoria my name is andrew and i am a prospective microbial biology transfer student to cnr from santa monica college. I was just wondering if you like the major and would recommend it over MCB or GPB. I hear CNR is way more relaxed and friendly. Also is techniques in light microscope a good class. Thank you.

Posted by Andrew Spivak | 2009-11-23

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