November 23, 2009 9:50 PM

Yummy NEW flavored Teas

So, lately, I've been drinking lots of green tea and this really delicious red bamboo tea. For some reason, as much as I love tea and the benefits it gives, I wanted to change flavors. So, I thought to myself, what would be a great tasting drink that still involved some sort of tea? Water is way to boring for me and since it is winter, cup of warm liquid ( not coffee), hits the spot. You might wonder, why tea? well, beside the added warmth, you may know that tea is rich in polyphenols( same antioxidants found in red wine!), and has been linked to heart protective and cancer preventative benefits( still being researched on). Hey, might as well start now! So, I opened my CookingLight magazine and found this great tip.

Three steps to better brewing it reads: place tea bag into one cup of boiling water( check, done that), steep black tea three to five minutes;green tea 2 minutes. Remove tea bag.( check). Cool tea to room temp before chiling to avoid clouding( oops). But then I thought to myself, Well, apparently, if you add a tablespoon of syrup you can flavor your tea. Now, there's different kinds- fresh peach, mint lime, rasberry chambord, lavender, or cucumber-ginger syrups.

So, first off, combine 3/4 cup water and 3/4 cup sugar in saucepan;bring to boil and stir till sugar dissovles. so, depending on what flavor, you can add one cup chopped peeled peaches , mash them with fork, add the hot syrp and put mixture in. or, add 1/4 cup fresh mint leave and add 3 -2 inch strips of lime rind and hot syrup. OR, one cup fresh rasberries and add sryp and two tablespoons of chambord. or lavender- rinse one tablespoon of dried lavender buds under COLD water, then add sryrup. Lastly, you can add 1/2 cup grated peeled cucmber with five -1/4inch slices of peeled FRESH ginger and syrup. All these, you need to let stand for 30 minutes for good mix-in. I prefer the peach and rasberry chambord personally.

Hope this helps to spice up your life when you are relaxing!

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Comments (2)

Tea should really be steeped in water that has been cooling 1 minute after coming to a boil. Boiling water damages the tea leaves and causes them to release a bitter flavor.

Posted by | 2009-12-04

Casey I like the way you write

Posted by Alex | 2010-02-04

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