28 December 2009

The Holidays

Christmas was definitely different this year, for many reasons. One, my aunt and uncle came over from Taiwan( whom I have seen only twice), we got a real Christmas tree, and my brother finally understood what Christmas was all about. My brother, who is six, thinks there is a santa, mrs. claus, and a north pole, and elves REALLY DO EXIST. It's just wonderful to see innocent children really looking forward to the presents! I do admit that those moments when children wait for santa definitly make this holiday more meaningful. Of course, now, I just enjoy being with my family and giving and receiving gifts is more about love and appreciation. So, watching my brother dance up and down to tell us that santa came at 7 in the morning, I couldn't help but remember when I first realized santa wasn't real. I think I was in fourth grade( yes, old). My sister and I each had stockings hanging on our bedroom door and each Christmas, we'd wake up at 5 to see if out toys had come. I guess that year, my mom was a little late since when I woke up that morning, I saw her putting the toys in the stocking! I was really mad, so when my sister who hadn't noticed a thing, was so ecstatic that she got that power ranger toy, I ( meanly) remarked that santa wasn't real. Well, I thought that would ruin her little spirit but when she grew out of it, she told me that she knew all along but she pretended to think santa was real so our parents could get her more gifts. haha. smart. Plus,I don't feel all that guilty for ruining the surprise, since she actually knew before I did that santa wasn't real. But, I didn't want to ruin it for my brother so this time, I kept my mouth shut. One really smart question my brother asked me was how the elves made the presents so quickly. Baffled, I just said, well, they work really fast, and then he asked why dad and mom and me and my sis didn't get any presents from santa. That was easy to answer since only little children get them. It was really cute because he was trying to find hidden presents to see if santa gave us any.

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12 December 2009

Tips to Help you Focus

One down, two to go. I just took my MCB102 (Biochemistry) final this morning. My next finals aren't until Thursday night and Friday morning, but I know I shouldn't slack off. This is usually easier said than done. There are so many distractions around us. Sometimes even reorganizing your pencil drawer seems more appealing that cracking open that physics book. So here are some tips that might help you focus on your studies: 1) Listen to music I know a lot of people already do this, but listening to upbeat music that keeps you awake doesn't necessarily help you focus on your studying. I like listening to instrumental music, so there are no lyrics to distract me. Instrumental music also has a great calming effect. 2) Drink something, but don't eat anything I always try to convince myself that eating M&Ms while studying will help me focus. It doesn't. I wind up being more interested in eating the chocolate than trying to understand the physics problem. When you eat, you actually read more slowly, which makes your studying less effective. Drinking coffee, tea, or even hot water, however, helps me to focus. My logic is: drink more fluids --> body functions better --> you'll feel better --> you'll be able to concentrate on whatever you're studying!

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11 December 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Hasn't the weather been abnormally cold? It's been in the 30 degrees this past week! All I want to do is sit next to a big heater and huddle. Although dead week is here, that means more time in the cozy apartment and less time walking about= more studying. But for me at least, I get easily distracted with the internet at home, the food, the bed. So, this week, I wanted to find warm places on campus or at cafes to study. That way, there won't be any temptations. My scavenger hunt for warm places was somewhat successful: Some cold/warm spots I found so far: evans: super cold. Moffit 3rd floor and below: warm. Unit 3 study room: very warm( it's kinda underground). VLSB: warm near the front of the room. So far, those are spots I found to be warm. And of course the body heat that you receive from all the other students studying is helpful( weird but very true). Regardless, get ready for those electric bills to increase!

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02 December 2009

Where did all the time go?

An apology for not writing for so long begins this blog. It's that time of year. No, not the Holiday season, but FINALS. Ugh. It's amazing how it seems that after the second round of exams, the pace of the school doesn't seem to slow down at all until the semester is over. If anything, the pace speeds up with each day. I found out on Tuesday this week that I have an exam on Thursday of the same week. Ouch, I know. It's difficult to keep track of everything, and I use Post-its, a planner, and other such devices. I've been so busy I haven't even carved my pumpkin for Halloween yet. It's become a permanent living room art piece. Good news though, it hasn't grown any mold.... yet. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up putting a bow on it and sticking it under my Christmas tree. More writings to come I assure you all.

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