December 11, 2009 1:07 PM

Scavenger Hunt

Hasn't the weather been abnormally cold? It's been in the 30 degrees this past week! All I want to do is sit next to a big heater and huddle. Although dead week is here, that means more time in the cozy apartment and less time walking about= more studying. But for me at least, I get easily distracted with the internet at home, the food, the bed. So, this week, I wanted to find warm places on campus or at cafes to study. That way, there won't be any temptations. My scavenger hunt for warm places was somewhat successful: Some cold/warm spots I found so far: evans: super cold. Moffit 3rd floor and below: warm. Unit 3 study room: very warm( it's kinda underground). VLSB: warm near the front of the room. So far, those are spots I found to be warm. And of course the body heat that you receive from all the other students studying is helpful( weird but very true). Regardless, get ready for those electric bills to increase!

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