December 28, 2009 2:03 PM

The Holidays

Christmas was definitely different this year, for many reasons. One, my aunt and uncle came over from Taiwan( whom I have seen only twice), we got a real Christmas tree, and my brother finally understood what Christmas was all about. My brother, who is six, thinks there is a santa, mrs. claus, and a north pole, and elves REALLY DO EXIST. It's just wonderful to see innocent children really looking forward to the presents! I do admit that those moments when children wait for santa definitly make this holiday more meaningful. Of course, now, I just enjoy being with my family and giving and receiving gifts is more about love and appreciation. So, watching my brother dance up and down to tell us that santa came at 7 in the morning, I couldn't help but remember when I first realized santa wasn't real. I think I was in fourth grade( yes, old). My sister and I each had stockings hanging on our bedroom door and each Christmas, we'd wake up at 5 to see if out toys had come. I guess that year, my mom was a little late since when I woke up that morning, I saw her putting the toys in the stocking! I was really mad, so when my sister who hadn't noticed a thing, was so ecstatic that she got that power ranger toy, I ( meanly) remarked that santa wasn't real. Well, I thought that would ruin her little spirit but when she grew out of it, she told me that she knew all along but she pretended to think santa was real so our parents could get her more gifts. haha. smart. Plus,I don't feel all that guilty for ruining the surprise, since she actually knew before I did that santa wasn't real.

But, I didn't want to ruin it for my brother so this time, I kept my mouth shut. One really smart question my brother asked me was how the elves made the presents so quickly. Baffled, I just said, well, they work really fast, and then he asked why dad and mom and me and my sis didn't get any presents from santa. That was easy to answer since only little children get them. It was really cute because he was trying to find hidden presents to see if santa gave us any.

Now, not only is Santa real, but so is the tooth fairy. I was trying to warn him about the danger of eating candy - you know, how the tooth fairy won't come, she won't give you any money, she can't build her castle with ugly teeth. And, my bro, being the creative one, says, " well, she can still make a dungeon castle with rotten teeth for the bad guys." I though, dang, why didn't I think of that when I was his age? I would've gotten twice the amount of money! Good times. Looking at a different perspective now from when I was younger, I believe that Children should be able to enjoy these times - it gets them in the spirit of the holiday, keeps their imagination going. I just hope my adorable brother and other kids can hold on to the belief Santa and Tooth Fairy are real for a long time.

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