December 12, 2009 12:41 PM

Tips to Help you Focus

One down, two to go. I just took my MCB102 (Biochemistry) final this morning. My next finals aren't until Thursday night and Friday morning, but I know I shouldn't slack off. This is usually easier said than done. There are so many distractions around us. Sometimes even reorganizing your pencil drawer seems more appealing that cracking open that physics book. So here are some tips that might help you focus on your studies:

1) Listen to music
I know a lot of people already do this, but listening to upbeat music that keeps you awake doesn't necessarily help you focus on your studying. I like listening to instrumental music, so there are no lyrics to distract me. Instrumental music also has a great calming effect.

2) Drink something, but don't eat anything
I always try to convince myself that eating M&Ms while studying will help me focus. It doesn't. I wind up being more interested in eating the chocolate than trying to understand the physics problem. When you eat, you actually read more slowly, which makes your studying less effective. Drinking coffee, tea, or even hot water, however, helps me to focus. My logic is: drink more fluids --> body functions better --> you'll feel better --> you'll be able to concentrate on whatever you're studying!

3) Take a break
There's no point in trying to push through it when you've been staring at the same page for 30 minutes. Take a short 15 minute break, maybe breathe some air outside the library, and then try studying, again.

4) Create a study schedule
Plan out what you want to accomplish each day, but pace everything out. You don't want to be too optimistic about what you can finish each day because most likely you won't be able to and then you'll just feel like a failure. If you spread everything out, chances are you'll actually be able to do more than what you set out to do. This way, you might even finish your planned studying early and have time to study stuff you didn't think you'd be able to get to.

5) Exercise
Frustrated about physics? Do some kicks and relieve some of that stress. Exercising will also help you sleep more soundly, so you'll be more refreshed the following morning. You want your body to be in peak condition so you won't fall sick the day before the final, right?

Anyways, I hope these tips will be of some help to you guys. As you can probably guess, I have a physics final coming up. I actually wrote this post to avoid starting on physics studying. :) Don't worry, I'll start studying in a few minutes. Anyways, good luck on finals!!! The end is near!

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