January 19, 2010 10:54 PM

Chicago Trip

Another semester has begun! I hope you guys all had a great winter vacation! My winter vacation was pretty enjoyable. Just last week, my family and I went to visit our grandparents in Chicago. We mostly went shopping for things that our grandma needed, but we also got to visit the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where my mom went for her undergrad. I think our Campanile rivals their clock tower.


Even though it snowed a bit in Chicago and temperatures were only a few degrees above zero, I found the snow to be much more enjoyable than the rain we're facing now in Berkeley. It's so beautiful and serene when the sun hits the blankets of soft white snow and makes the lawns and trees sparkle. I was born in Chicago and lived in Sleepy Hollow until I was nine years old. We had this enormous lawn the size of a football field. I used to love watching the snow fall at night and then, waking up in the morning to find the whole world turned into a winter wonderland. There were always White Christmases that made the holidays come alive. Even the air smells fresher after snowfalls.


Here's another picture I took from inside the car:


We also went to An Sather for their cinnamon buns. They were featured on Food Network, and my friend suggested that I go try them since I was already in Chicago. The cinnamon buns were amazing! Wish I had one right now.


Anyways, I hope everyone had a good first day of class! I'll tell you guys about my classes once I've actually been to all of them.

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I was there too, but that's because I'm from Chicago - the city. I believe Sleepy Hollow is a suburb. Chicago's not actually anywhere near the top windiest. It was named so because of the politicians. UIUC is in the middle of nowhere, nothing but corn for 3 hours in every direction. It's no wonder they have such impressive academics.

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