January 6, 2010 9:18 PM


Wow. I haven't been to SoCal for some time, and embarrassingly, never LA. So of course, this trip was extra special. Yes, I am from Nor Cal, and while we don't have as many attractions to visit that are 1/2 hr. away, I will say, that I definitely prefer NorCal. Although the weather in SoCal is a little better, I would say that all that congested traffic and major cities with so many people, really confused me. For instance, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, kind of looked the same- I couldn't really pinpoint any uniqueness...besides the beach and famous celebrities. But then again, I did only stayed for 1/2 the day at each place. I have to get used to all the driving, since by the time I reached my next destination, I was too tired to really take in all the excitement. Maybe it was because I crammed it all in. Or maybe because I am from a very small town, and stepping into the big cities where even movie theaters are jam packed where I had to elbow my way through the crowd, was surprising. Back in my little town, the wait for movie tickets took average 2 minutes! But, I have to admit, LA is more festive and busy, which I don't mind! I did stop by Pinks and the 1 and a half hour wait was worth it! How do they come up with the hot dog titles? Do the names change? I loved the jalepeno hot dog and the huge serving! Top Dog is great too, but juxtaposing the two rivals together would be a big mistake huh? I also went to the Getty Museum - wow! free admission, just paid for parking, and the museum was beautiful! I took a tram up to the museum and the art there, dating 1600s to 1800s, were very magnificent. Overall, the 5 days that I stayed in LA/Orange County, I enjoyed every minute: the night-life, the atmosphere and the beach! So many wonderful, clean, pretty beaches! This winter break has been a blast!

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