January 19, 2010 12:09 PM

PMB 170 1st Day - Live Blogging

Damn you missing cell phone!!! First you decide not to work, then you flee my room with some unknown mysterious powers! Curse you! I only had 30 minutes to shower, eat and grab my netbook.

This tiny room is packed! My hair is wet! The professor seems nice, I hope I didn't miss anything important.

-Did I mention I got assigned a 40 page paper to read the night before? *sigh* Hello Cal.

-Oh, she just made a joke about tuition I didn't hear...I gave a big smile, hopefully I look like I fit in.

-Uh oh, someone left after sitting for 20 minutes before realizing she was in the wrong class.

-Apparently one of my classmates has amazing vision...bastard...

-Ugh, quizzes (We're going over the syllabus right now)

-Sweet! No final exam!!!!

-We're supposed to interact with 9 other classmates...oh crap, I suck at this. Ooh, we can make up stuff? My name is totally The Glorious Mr. Watterby!

-Holy crap, I made the most boring group introduction to the class...*hide*

-Morphine is in bread?

-Mmm, copper sulfate

-Class over!

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Comments (2)

Hey, I was wondering how you felt about this class. I am debating whether to take this over ESPM 192 ( a required senior seminar). I'd love to hear your opinions on this course, and what else you have to share about it.

Posted by Francesca | 2010-04-12

It depends on what you like to do? PMB170 is more about learning how to decipher and understand science papers about different plantbiotech subjects ranging from inserting things to a plant to...inserting other things into a plant. :) I find it interesting to learn about actual scientific technique used. As for ESPM 192-I haven't taken that course. Good luck!

Posted by Josephine | 2010-04-13

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