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one of Berkeley's 'young' Cupressaceae Sequoia sempervirens

For the past couple weeks, my brothers have graciously accepted my presence in their lives again. They were even kind enough to let me tag along whenever they hang out with their friends. It's easy to understand how bumming in the UCI Science library and exercising at the Arc have quickly evolved into my new normal now...

Apparently, dipping greasy wings in ranch at Wingstop and chowing down massive amounts of sushi are really popular down here. Oh, lets not forget Rubios fish tacos on Tuesdays. As for our conversations, these socal people love to tease each other about aiming for a 4.5 GPA if they want to earn a 4.0 each quarter. However, don't misunderstand them for straight up nerds with thick black rimmed glasses. They occasionally enjoy playing beer pong and discussing about complicated unrequited love relationships.

Notice how I wrote 'these socal people'? I feel so detached here. The lifestyle of needing a car to get anywhere makes me sad. Going shopping every weekend to receive a dose of retail therapy is not my idea of productive counseling. I hate how I feel the need to consume 5 lbs of meat everyday to fit in. After a month back at home, I am desperately longing for the peace my Berkeley home offers. Funny I would feel this way because I've spent a greater part of my life in the O.C. than my short stay in the Bay area...

I really do miss my independence. I miss my solitude. I miss how my roommate just accepts that I would prefer to drink my "nasty blended beverage diet" over biting into a juicy piece of animal protein. I miss the greenhouse where I spent so much time in. But at the end of the day, I really miss listening to the songs of the trees. For the record, palm trees are a poor substitute to Cupressaceae Sequioa, Pinaceae Pinus, and Fagaceae Quercus trees Berkeley spoiled me with. Sorry.

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