February 7, 2010 4:27 PM

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I hope you guys are all having a great semester! I feel like the semester just started, but I think I actually have a midterm by the end of this month!

This semester I'm taking General Microbiology (PMB C112), General Microbiology Lab, and Bioethics and Society (ESPM 162). I'm also a UGSI for Prep Lab and I'm still in my research lab. So far, classes have been pretty good. I'm really happy that I'm finally taking the class that defines my major, microbiology. Now I can finally tell people what I think of my major.

As for Bioethics, I'm taking this class because it's one of my electives and also because I just wanted a class that wasn't pure science. It's a pretty interesting class, but it gets a bit confusing when you're trying to analyze a situation from the perspectives of four different philosophies. Everything just gets jumbled around in my mind and it makes me wish that life could be as simple as it was when I was four years old. The only thing I worried about back then was whether my dad would remember to pick me up or not. There was no homework, no tests, and not much stress. I didn't even pay attention to my teacher since I couldn't understand English. I just stared at her blue eyeshadow.

Sometimes when I feel that life's getting too complicated, I just breathe and go do something simple that I enjoy, like eating ice cream. Have you guys noticed that ice cream has gotten more complicated, too? Back when I was little, I thought there were only two flavors of ice cream: chocolate and vanilla. Now, there's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Swirls and Toasted Almonds...okay, I exaggerated a bit. For a while, I was into the new flavors, like Mocha Almond Fudge, but now I just want vanilla. Pure and simple vanilla.

Anyways, I really should stop stalling and do my assignment for bioethics. If you guys ever get too stressed, though, just take a breather and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. :)

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