February 4, 2010 12:52 PM

classes:the college experience

As college is a place to learn and grow intellectually as well as personally, I always strive to find something new to learn everyday-whether it be from my classes or about myself. Sometimes, with the stress of grades and my unknowing future, I get lost in it all and forget to just relax and enjoy the privilege to be able to attend a college. One class, NST 120-which is part of the toxicology Major( upper div )requirement, is one that I'd say, has proved a worthwile experience and still is. The class is unlike other classes. Usually, in a big lecture hall of 500 people, a student will just copy down notes and leave afterward. However, I'd say, you are missing out on the college experience. In NST 120, you can get to know your professor more, who is usually a well known, respected, famous person. Why? it's because the class size isn't as big, and the class is structured like a discussion. Not only that, you get to know your peers and all of a sudden, the class doesn't seem as intimidating.I don't want to give it all away!

I feel that if you are exposed to an interactive class environment, you learn how to think critically by sharing ideas than if you worked alone, you learn how to express your ideas, and for me, I learn better that way. I can think about certain problems in a different light. I remember in high school, my AP english class was structured similarly in that style. Although I didn't see any real benefit, I was surprised to see that I had passed my AP test, and my SAT scores were higher than before! I am quite satisfied with my newfound knowledge about myself and look forward to another great semester here.

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