26 March 2010

Academy of Sciences

I'm so excited to share my experience at this wonderful place in Golden Gate Park! As you may know the Academy of Science is the huge museum with its special features of the planetarium, four story rain forest, and "underground" aquarium. For those 21 and older, you can go Thursday nights for 12 dollars and explore the whole place! I had the opportunity to do that yesterday and it was amazing. The rain forest closed at 7 30 due to animal feeding regimen/sleeping patterns but you just come earlier to check it out! Besides that, I got to see the aquarium and (for those bio 1b students) Galapagos islands! Well, the replica. Not only that,at the aquarium, I saw a seahorse -I think it's called leaf seahorse that can camouflage due to it looking like a twig with leaves! Yes, thanks to bio 1b, I couldn't stop explaining to my friends that this was an evolutionary phenomena! That was by far the most interesting creature in the aquarium. At another area, there was this pendulum that showed earth rotated and moved via knocking blocks down every 1/2 hour, proving that the pendulum didn't just move back and forth at the same spot! It's amazing!!! It takes I think, 39 hours to knock down the stack of blocks. I also got to see a huge bird that is now extinct in Madagascar - it looks like a dinosaur! Its egg is 12g!!! It's 4 times the size of the chicken egg. What's sad is that due to human hunting and pollution, most of Madagascar animals( and pretty much in CA too), are becoming and some are, extinct. Those were some of the things that really leapt out but overall, this is a fantastic place. The museum is also situated beautifully next to other attractions like Tea garden, de Young museum; it's very relaxing and refreshing! Due to the huge diversity that the museum offers, it's a great way to spend time with friends while sipping on yummy cocktails. With general admission(if you aren't 21), it's still a great opportunity to check it out! I think you get to see more though-feeding, scuba diver lecturing on different fishes, but all in all, it's a great way to spend vacation! I encourage anyone of all ages to check it out!

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12 March 2010

How was your day? (PLUS replies to comments of my previous post)

My day was just filled with a chain of unfortunate events, most of which I hope will never happen again. First thing in the morning, I woke up and realized that my alarm clock said 10:57, which meant that I slept through my two cell phone alarms I put next to my bed. Even though Fridays are by far my latest starting day, I still had a 10am French class, which I had missed. So I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and was out the door in about 5-6 minutes. Even though I was already late for MCB 102 lecture, I decided that instead of going to lecture, I should probably go see my French professor at his office hours. Normally, I would have gone after lecture, but today, my quartet group for U-chorus was meeting 11-12:30, and they told me that they could stay until 1 for me since I had class, and I wasn't about to back out of something I told others that I would do. So I went to my French professor's office hours and talked to him about what I missed. After leaving his office at around 11:30, I went to my MCB 102 lecture, which was conveniently located in Dwinelle as well. After 25 minutes, we ended the lecture five minutes early. I got an Odwalla strawberry C monster at the GBC and went to the practice rooms underneath Morrison to meet with my quartet. At 1pm, I went back to Stern, intending to work on my reading response for anthro, but that didn't go so well, and all I ended up doing was rereading my article and writing one key term. I also intended to meet with my major adviser, Melissa Pon, which also didn't happen. At 2:45, I realized that there were some lecture slides I had to print for my NST 160 lecture that afternoon, and not wanting to spend too much money on printing, I decided to go to the CNR Student Resource Center and print them for free.

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12 March 2010

Tons of Relay fun!

Hello fellow readers! I hope the semester is treating you well! Good luck with midterms! As for me, I'm pretty much done with the first round and looking forward to Spring Break and fun! Besides studying these days, I've been invovled in my decal, Relay for life. Not only is this just a title of the decal, it's an event we students work hard for all semester. This is a fundraising event hosted by Berkeley students who work with American Cancer Society to educate, fundraise,and find a cure for cancer through research funding. In fact, Berkeley has many research facilites that dedicate their time to fighting cancer. Anyway, if you would like to attend and give back to your community this is a great opportunity! I encourage anyone to attend the Berkeley Relay for Life event to support those survivors and come together for a great cause! It takes place on may first, during dead week (only one day event) and we will have tons of activities and great food and music! Again, it's May first at 10 am, near RSF track(more updates later).Go ahead and register online! Read on to find out more! I'm part of the survivorship commitee in this event and if you haven't noticed the blurb on the CNR newsletter here it is: UC Berkeley's Relay For Life* invites cancer survivors from the Berkeley community and the greater Bay Area to come and celebrate with us on *May 1st, 2010 at 10am at Edwards Stadium*. We welcome any survivor, whether it is yourself, a loved one, or anyone who has inspired you with their courage in fighting cancer. We encourage survivors to attend because their presence gives us hope and meaning in this fight against cancer! Please contact Rachana Modi by emailing rsmodi@berkeley.edu to RSVP and/or for more information or register at www.relayforlife.org/ucberkeleyca!

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10 March 2010

Class sping '10!

Ah! So lately I’ve been pretty busy so it’s been a while since I posted. Soo much has happened. So spring semester is in full swing and almost halfway over and I have already done so much. This semester I’m enrolled in 16 units (Chem 3B, 3BL, Physics 8B, Bio 1B and NST 199) and filled to the brim with sciences classes. So far this semester includes the most amount of class work (40 hours/week) since all my classes have labs, I have chem. study groups and NST 199, which is research is about 14 hours of work a week. At first it seemed impossible, but now I think I got the groove of things and it seems actually weird to have a lot of free time and I usually end up wasting it by sleeping or something. So I want to take some time telling about my experience in these classes so far.

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07 March 2010

Take a Break!

It's the middle of midterm season and we're all stressing, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! This morning, I went to Acme Bakery and Cafe Fanny with my sister and a friend. For those of you who haven't been to Acme before, it takes less than 20 minutes to get there via 52L. The bakery itself is very snug (the amount of room for customers inside the store is probably a bit bigger than your desk), but they have a pretty nice selection of freshly baked loaves and a few sweet pastries. Grab a bowl (yes, a bowl, not a cup) of coffee next door at Cafe Fanny and you're set for an excellent breakfast. I've been drinking instant coffee for the past few months, so freshly brewed coffee was like a gift from heaven. Anyways, take a break from all that studying, if only for an hour or two! Trust me, it'll help. :)

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04 March 2010

It's March 4th

And I know what you are all going to say, "Duh Joh, dUUUuh!" (I tried to make a short video showing my fairly empty classroom-but it's not possible to wave my laptop around and not have my professor notice I'm not taking notes. Just imagine this, a room normally packed with about 50 people now reduced to a mere 14ish. Our building doesn't have picketers either-Tolman is sooooo not hip.)

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01 March 2010

Please check my...er, this blog!

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