March 12, 2010 8:33 PM

How was your day? (PLUS replies to comments of my previous post)

My day was just filled with a chain of unfortunate events, most of which I hope will never happen again.

First thing in the morning, I woke up and realized that my alarm clock said 10:57, which meant that I slept through my two cell phone alarms I put next to my bed. Even though Fridays are by far my latest starting day, I still had a 10am French class, which I had missed.

So I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and was out the door in about 5-6 minutes. Even though I was already late for MCB 102 lecture, I decided that instead of going to lecture, I should probably go see my French professor at his office hours. Normally, I would have gone after lecture, but today, my quartet group for U-chorus was meeting 11-12:30, and they told me that they could stay until 1 for me since I had class, and I wasn't about to back out of something I told others that I would do. So I went to my French professor's office hours and talked to him about what I missed.

After leaving his office at around 11:30, I went to my MCB 102 lecture, which was conveniently located in Dwinelle as well. After 25 minutes, we ended the lecture five minutes early. I got an Odwalla strawberry C monster at the GBC and went to the practice rooms underneath Morrison to meet with my quartet.

At 1pm, I went back to Stern, intending to work on my reading response for anthro, but that didn't go so well, and all I ended up doing was rereading my article and writing one key term. I also intended to meet with my major adviser, Melissa Pon, which also didn't happen.

At 2:45, I realized that there were some lecture slides I had to print for my NST 160 lecture that afternoon, and not wanting to spend too much money on printing, I decided to go to the CNR Student Resource Center and print them for free.

Of course, the trek from Stern to Mulford takes a while. Because it had been raining all day and my shoes were soaked, I decided to wear the slippers I use in the dorms and in the shower instead of the wet shoes. Baaad choice: they were extremely slippery in rainy weather. As I was crossing the street, I slipped and fell, hurting my knee a little bit. That was when I realized that a bus was heading my way. I'm pretty sure that the driver saw me, but since I was on the ground, I couldn't be sure. I hastily picked my ID card up from the ground and got to the other side of the street to make way for the bus.

I got to Mulford at around 3:01pm. I signed onto the computer, but it seemed to be peculiarly slow today, and although I got to the pdf. file all right, the print window was extremely slow and didn't work too well. By 3:08, I figured I should probably just leave and go to class without the lecture slides. The computer was so messed up by that time I couldn't even log out. I don't know what became of it, but it probably got better after some time and then I was probably logged out automatically.

AND.....the rest is history. Things did sort of get better. Good news is, Mary Mead finally replied to my third email! Now, I need to do other things.
Now, the following is just a reply to all of you who commented on my previous post, in case you are still reading it.

Amelia: I'm taking a bunch of classes because I want to declare a triple major or at least a double major and a minor in nutritional science, French, and anthropology. I am doing so because I am genuinely interested in these subjects, and not just because I can or because I have nothing better to do. Recently, I have also been accepted to the EAP year immersion program at the University of Bordeaux for the academic year 2010-2011. I also do like to keep myself busy and I am interested in a variety of things. And the music stuff is just pure interest. Ever since 4th grade, I've had music in my life. I've sung only a little bit before, but I've been playing clarinet since 6th grade, in school bands, music camps, community groups, and honor groups. It's hard to imagine life without being in a music performance group.

Andrew: MCB 102 is definitely a class that you need to spend time on, but not any more than you would for other classes. The grading consists of a bunch of quizzes and three non-cumulative exams. If you think about it, the time you spend studying for the quizzes, wouldn't that equal the amount of time spent doing reading for other classes? The time you spend studying for exams, wouldn't that equal the time spent writing essays for other classes? It's all a matter of perspective. MCB 102 is a class that you do need to start studying early for, but the quizzes make it easier. If you do well in bio 1A/1AL (hint, hint), this class should not be too much of a problem.

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