April 9, 2010 8:02 PM

A Breath of Fresh Air

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last post. My midterms, presentations, and papers are over for now. Finals are just around the corner, though! It's never too early to review! :)

Anyways, wasn't the weather amazing today? The sun was shining and squirrels were scampering everywhere. My dad and my little brother came up to visit us today since it's my brother's spring break. We went out to dinner on Northside and then to Safeway to buy some groceries. It's amazing how much stuff you can buy when you have access to a car. Normally, we only buy as much food as we can carry. So today, my sister and I pretty much stocked up on everything nonperishable. Our plan is to not have to go grocery shopping until after finals, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. Let's see how long we last.

Afterwards, we showed them our apartment and went out for a short walk around Northside. Now that my stress level has simmered down a bit, I'm starting to enjoy life again. It's not that I was miserable or anything before; I was just so preoccupied with things I had to do. Walking around Berkeley, I noticed so many things that I've never noticed before when I was just marching to class. I finally saw those beautiful orange flowers by the street I cross everyday. Being outside was so refreshing. It was like being rejuvenated. My sister and I agreed that we would take more walks outside in the near future.

So if you guys get the chance, stop for a second and appreciate the beauty around you. Enjoy the campus while you're still going to school here. You might regret it later when all you can tell your kids about college is, "Well, I went to class, then lab, then I went home and stayed in front of my laptop til midnight." So take a breather! Also, don't forget about Cal Day!! It's next Saturday, April 17th! Volunteer or just come and enjoy everything the campus has to offer!

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