April 25, 2010 10:02 PM

EDITED: What goes on in those bspace chat rooms

NOTE: My GSI has made a good point that the things in bspace chat are not intended to be made public, I agreed and took down the post...but i feel that this entry was quite magnificent have decided to put it back up along with some significant changes. All other persons names have been changed for protection of their identities and pictures I have posted are not accurately physically representative of them:


Ahh, it's been a while. I was supposed to post a post back in March on that silly little protest on...budget cuts, yeah it was probably about budget cuts but I got super lazy. The pictures are still in my memory card-BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO PRY IT FROM MY DEAD COLD FINGERS!!!!!

Anyways, if you're anybody-you've heard of that new fangled online network thingy for Cal classes called bspace (UC Irvine tried to make their own version called ispace-but apple shut that down quick). Teachers put up lectures, friend you, join groups that start with "I can get 10,000 people to...", share their favorite youtube videos (i'm actually not being sarcastic on this one...). They even have a chat room for the singles to mix. (Okay disclaimer time-yes they have a chat room, but it's not THAT kind of chatroom...please don't kick me off the blog...)

Sometimes the chat rooms are used in place of office hours-which if you think about it-is really convenient and everything there gets logged for the rest of your classmates to see and use against you ("OMG, did you see what that loser Joh asked? How can she NOT know about Kanye's newest tweet? Talk about weeeeiiirrddd.")

When the questions stop being asked is when the party begins. Last semester, a classmate who shall not be named but referred to as NEMESIS, bored to tears with studying for our test decided to engage in an epic battle of wits with moi. A match witnessed by our classmates of PMB150, some of which did not understand our mutual respect for one another and committed sepuku when he thought blood was spilled.

NEMESIS and I have engaged each other earlier this semester as shown below:

(chat edited, instead imagine that ugly monster picture stepping on that cute little asian girl picture-that somewhat represents the chat we had earlier this semester)

Tonight, they witness my resurrection:

(in place of chat, imagine the little asian girl picture throwing the monster picture into an undersea trench that immediately crushes it into a little ball)

I've thrown down the gauntlet...it'll be up to NEMESIS to respond and defend his honor or banish himself to...pre-med.

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Comments (1)

this is a test spam

Posted by Eva St. Spammer | 2010-04-26

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