April 16, 2010 12:21 PM

It's been a year!

Well this is embarrassing. It's been nearly a year since I last blogged. And obviously, much has happened about which I should have blogged.

Major things that have occurred:

-my decision to stay an ES major. At some point last year, I was seriously considering switching to Molecular Toxicology because "environmental sciences" sounded soft to my ears. That was silly.
Of course, I was also interested in toxicology itself, but I decided to stay with ES because I felt that it gave me a more relevant education for the career which I was pursuing, which was...

-law. At some point in my freshman year, I switched from my original pre-law intention because all of my weeder classes were filled with pre-health students and I spent so much time with them that I convinced myself that I, too, was pre-health. Last semester, I suddenly realized that I didn't have as much interest in health as I did in law.

-Next semester, I'm going to be taking upper-div classes! It's taking me a lot longer to get telebears sorted out because there are all of these choices.

Anyway, I guess there's more about which I could write (I was supposed to post up pictures of and blog about my Spring Break Collegiate Challenge trip in Mississippi), but I think I'll do it later because I'm off to get my BILL GATES TICKET! YAY! As you probably already know, he's speaking on Monday about "Giving Back: Finding the Best Way to Make a Difference," and I won one of the tickets! My boss let me take time off for the event, and needless to say, I am extremely excited.

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Comments (1)

I was TOTALLY the one who reminded you to update your blog haha

Posted by Jolie Chan | 2010-04-20

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