May 1, 2010 7:39 PM

Habitat for Humanity

I guess this is technically a plug for my club :), but this has been my first semester as an officer (Fundraising Coord) for Habitat, and I just wanted to reflect on how fun this past semester with Habitat has been. The thing that obviously jumps out at me

is the spring break Collegiate Challenge during which we nearly built a whole house in just a week. It was definitely the best spring break I've ever had. Not only did we get to explore New Orleans (the Preservation Jazz Hall was beyond amazing), but we got to help a family who really needed housing. The dedication at the end of the week gave us all the warm fuzzies and really made the week worth our time. I wish I knew how to insert pictures using this platform, because we have a picture with her and I <3 it.

But obviously it's more than just that trip that has made this semester fun. It's the people in Habitat are awesome - that's why I stuck with this club over any other. I do fundraising, so the benefits of my volunteered time aren't as evident to me and the people who work with me, but just knowing that the money goes to a good cause makes the long days worth it.

When I was in high school and worried about how to make friends in college, the tour guides always assured me that one met people through student groups, and it's true. The friends I've made in the past two years through Habitat are some of my closest and I don't know if they're a self-selecting group because they put so much time into volunteering, but all of them are good, kind people through and through. And... I'm just really happy right now :).

I guess this entry is way too short, but I have to leave to catch the bus before Trader Joe's closes. :)

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Comments (1)

YAY HABITAT! :-) 4lyfe

Posted by Marvin | 2010-05-01

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