04 March 2010

It's March 4th

And I know what you are all going to say, "Duh Joh, dUUUuh!"

(I tried to make a short video showing my fairly empty classroom-but it's not possible to wave my laptop around and not have my professor notice I'm not taking notes. Just imagine this, a room normally packed with about 50 people now reduced to a mere 14ish. Our building doesn't have picketers either-Tolman is sooooo not hip.)

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01 March 2010

Please check my...er, this blog!

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24 February 2010

A short pop quiz

These are the result of:
A) Misplaced stigmata
B) Blunt-toothed vampire
C) Arrow fletchings with a fury like no other

All these glass bottles are here because:
A) My room is the new recycling center
B) Berkeley is feeding my unhealthy addiction to science glassware
C) Ohgod, they just showed up night! My housemates have disappeared one by one! Oh no...they're chanting something...help me!

Click to read the answers after the jump

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19 January 2010

PMB 170 1st Day - Live Blogging

Damn you missing cell phone!!! First you decide not to work, then you flee my room with some unknown mysterious powers! Curse you! I only had 30 minutes to shower, eat and grab my netbook.

This tiny room is packed! My hair is wet! The professor seems nice, I hope I didn't miss anything important.

-Did I mention I got assigned a 40 page paper to read the night before? *sigh* Hello Cal.

-Oh, she just made a joke about tuition I didn't hear...I gave a big smile, hopefully I look like I fit in.

-Uh oh, someone left after sitting for 20 minutes before realizing she was in the wrong class.

-Apparently one of my classmates has amazing vision...bastard...

-Ugh, quizzes (We're going over the syllabus right now)

-Sweet! No final exam!!!!

-We're supposed to interact with 9 other classmates...oh crap, I suck at this. Ooh, we can make up stuff? My name is totally The Glorious Mr. Watterby!

-Holy crap, I made the most boring group introduction to the class...*hide*

-Morphine is in bread?

-Mmm, copper sulfate

-Class over!

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18 November 2009

And the winner is...

ME! (and fellow blogger Amelia and classmate Vincent).

I like this whole system here at Berkeley where the lab wraps up before finals-how neato is that? At community college, we had labs practically to the last day of instruction-so I'd be sitting stressed in a lab coat wishing I could be studying for my lecture-but now I don't have to.

They saved the best lab for PMB 150 for last. It was actually one of the more stressful and confusing ones-but if you think about it, having to identify mutant Arabidopsis' utilizing the information gained during lecture-it's kind of cool. So there was a little contest going on between the three groups-and ours got every one right. Teamwork!

So the prize was...not not having to write up a lab. Bummer. Instead, it was a bunch of roses in a beaker. AND I GOT THE BEAKER!!!!!!! (and most of the roses...)

My major ****ing rocks!

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05 November 2009

Things from today's lab

So earlier on tuesday, our class headed to SF chinatown to tour medicinal shops aka GSI Chris' shopping spree. Today there was an demonstration of making powdered extract from the spoils and sampling of the asian medicinal patches. My mom and grandma used to use them, but I was never allowed to touch them. Today-I stuck three of them on me and got cupped! Nyah nyah.

Here are some of the things I sneaked out of lab:

analgesic patches, mushroom tea and cold pills are to be had!

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22 October 2009

Breakfast of champions

Courtesy of Keiko O.

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06 October 2009

Thank god for Trey Patridge!

I completely forgot we got Telebears this month and lovely Trey reminds us GPB kids to sign up for an appointment with him in order to obtain an advisor's code. Originally he was just the advisor for our small GPB community, but with budget cuts, he has to help take on the MCB kids too.

I got mine super early, I don't actually sign up for classes until the end of the month but I just came in this morning and grabbed my code and missed the cavalcade of last-minute panic. Poor Trey has to meet 400 souls the week before registration.

Get your code early kids.

Oh and note on the game between USC and Cal...WHO CARES!!!??? We lose a game-BOOHOO-winning or losing game doesn't make me any better or worse at plant development, people are just looking for a distraction and I certainly don't find any in some silly college game. Watch some TV or go bookstore shopping-it's much more satisfying!

On another note-DO NOT EVEN THINK OF HOOKING UP YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT WITH YOUR CALMAIL ACCOUNT!!! I tried to do so in order to have to avoid checking both accounts and just have the mail from calmail sent to gmail-BIG ****ING MISTAKE!!

My Calmail went and committed seppuku! It sent all the mail from my calmail account before deleting everything. I have no idea why, just all I know is DON'T DO IT!!!

Now if you don't mind, I have performed mediocrely on my last few tests and need to study. Also, beg for a lab position.

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24 September 2009

Walk dammit!

It's my first protest! Check out the activism:

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09 September 2009

Now things are picking up

Panda Tie
My dad has the best taste in ties.

So it's what, the second and a half-week at Cal-things are starting to shift a bit faster. I think those Calso people were wrong when they said we'd hit the ground running. It was more of a brisk jog. I most certainly wasn't scrambling to get lectures and sorts together. True I was a bit panicky on getting one last class to fulfill my minimum number of units, which reminds me, I got into the Harry Potter decal class. We're supposed to be sorted into our houses by next week, here's hopin for Slytherin!

My classes are going really well. Actually, a bit too well. That English professor I mentioned last time said in front of the class how smart he thought I was. Quite embarrassing really because he has no proof. All I did was ask lots of questions, mostly because I am at average intelligence. I hope I do well on the first exam and don't make myself look like a fool.

Medical Ethnobotany lab at the Botanical Gardens yesterday was exhausting. Lots of squatting, bad sketching and light sunburns. Since we are at the max of people in this lab, the garden can actually be a bit crowded. I wasn't in a terribly great mood yesterday so I wasn't afraid to be a bit pushy and I may have scared some of the more timid students. Oh dear.


Today in PMB 150 lab, I was talking with another student about dating on campus. Being that my parents are more on the traditional side-I am officially not allowed to date because quote, "You go to school to learn, not to meet boys." Which really hasn't stopped me. I figured once I got away, dating would be MUCH easier and truth is...not so much so far. While I am constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) meeting new people-I'm not really finding anyone special. Yes there are some cute guys in my classes, but they are also complete strangers and probably have girlfriends. While I spend a majority of my time studying, it would be kind of nice to have a more dynamic social life. Where (other than my classes) do I meet people? I'm not much of a drinker so I think I'd do more pooping than partying at pubs/clubs. I'm having a hard time finding clubs I actually like and most of my friends are science majors-which means all of us are always busy.

Maybe I should be more patient.

A friend took me round to her coop a few hours ago. Cloyne Court is actually kind of nice and clean. I like the private courtyard they have. We saw a bus where a bunch of people had used to attend Burning Man. Plus, they fed me. Except I had to earn my food in a one vs fifty scrambling match. They placed bowls of food outside and everybody dived to grab something before it was gone. People were very nice and one spooned me a bit of spaghetti-but I felt like we were little piglets trying to find a free teat.

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03 September 2009

I am a BEAST!

Who am I? I just fixed the toilet, nyah nyah nyah! That's right-girls can do plumbery stuff and not have an epileptic fit! If you saw a girl walking randomly around with a plunger-that was me, all women should walk with (a clean) one over their shoulder-taking pride in our unclogging skills!

Classes are going well so far, right now I'm under the limit of minimum amount of units due to me really not wanting to take two classes of Taekwondo-I have nothing against it-I just like sleeping in more. I was rejected by the Chemistry of Cooking decal and am waiting for my e-owl for the Harry Potter decal. If I don't get that-I'll be taking Education 198 which is a class to help out transfers access resources on campus.

PMB 135 is going well, I read over the lab and their pre-lab questions, I am surprised at how easy this one was-my o-chem pre-labs could bench press these. Then again, my o-chem teacher is actually a professor at large from Cal (or so my memory serves) and has a mailbox on campus.

PMB 150 is well...fast. It's being taught by five(?) different teachers-which is a fairly unique experience so far. I hope this schizophrenic way of learning doesn't work against me. Currently we're being lectured by this English professor who talks at the speed of light and has a propensity for hitting projectors.

IB 117 is as huge as ever. I had to dash like a madmen from one of my other labs in order to land a decent seat up front. The class feels a lot more like an anthropology class than a botany one at the moment-but the labs are crazy cool! We have to go up to the botanical gardens once a week to study and memorize specimens.

The thing that I find most disconcerting is how labs and lectures here aren't really connected. In my junior college, labs and lectures were written and done by one person-so what we learned in lecture-we applied in lab and vice versa. Here-to a lesser degree. Even more disturbing is how some people don't even TAKE the lab portion (in some other cases, the lecture). That's like saying I'm going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then leave the bread out!!

You crazy Cal kids.

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26 August 2009

Live Blogging IB 117 Lec - 1st Day

Hello readers, I'm going to try something never done on this blog before. Something I've never done either. I am sitting in class right now and with my trusty netbook, I am blogging live what the first day of IB 117 - Medical Ethnobotany is like. Check back every few minutes to see updates!

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25 August 2009

the night before school

Everyone's probably sneaking their last days of fun before the crunch starts. Many, including me, are panicking. Cable internet was installed in the wrong place and my father was unable to come through with a router, so dear readers, just for you- I am standing on my balcony, freezing my buns off in order to record my thoughts before the next day begins.

Profs are coming through with bspace, decal classes still haven't been joined, free stuff was had at Caltopia, iceblocks were ridden down a hill and all apartmates are accounted for. Free food fills my belly, a won raffle bag stands at my desk empty of spoils and a grim, light bank account sits---

Who the heck is vacuuming at 11 at night? Be quiet neighbors!!!!!!

Dang it.

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07 August 2009

I kind of hate the UC Regents

...and I still have no idea exactly who they are and what their purpose is. I do understand they control the dinero flow. Like as who gets a raise and who don't.

Re-slotting? I don't know if their noses are stuffed, but I smell a rat. It reminds me of when companies who received bailout money managed to give raises to their top execs because they wanted to keep them from leaving. Leaving to where? Jobs are scarce-who would leave a cushy job, an especially one that didn't punish them for pulling us all into this wonderful depression?

I find it funny that the regents claim private schools are doing it too. Then again, they aren't relying on public money so they can do what they want. I'm sorry, are we not voters, the money bleeders?

If the cash comes from US, doesn't that make us the BOSS-and as the boss, don't we have a say in how recklessly our EMPLOYEES use up the budget? I know -- democracy.

The same goes to BART unions.

If any law students happen to be reading, I encourage them to inform me so through the comments.

By the way, Forbes has just ranked Cal as #73. Among their many scientific methods, ratemyprofessor.com.

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27 July 2009

Don't make me kick butt!

I don't wanna take two classes of Taekwondo-I don't wanna! Unfortunantely, I have no choice. In order to meet the minimum amount of classes to be full-time, I have to be enrolled in 13 units. So far includes PMB 135/135L, PMB 150/150L & IB 117/117L, if you guys are keeping track-that's 12 units. I can't take another science class, I just can't! I need to take brain-dead-dummy-sleep-getting-a-passing-grade-class-so-I-don't-die-of-science class.

So I'm trying to find something to fill in that last unit-but thanks to my Telebears Phase II just starting today-all the good classes were full!! So I'm left with two martial arts classes back to back. Hey, it was this or jazz dance. I can't rely right now on DeCal courses because it's too competitive.

I'm seeing there is a Directed Group Study for one unit, but how does that work? Is it just for freshman and sophmores, do I have to be enrolled in a certain class?

Why must I waste my time and effort on filler classes!??!

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12 July 2009

It's Sunday, I'm Bored


I just remembered that there was a cool Discovery Channel show on two and a half hours ago. This is one of the times I wish I had TiVo, instead we have TFC, The Filipino Channel. Their erratically scheduled programming includes such wonderful hits such as Wowowee where the male host sings the same song...everyday and further demeans the women (dancers, contestants, cohosts, etc) to:

asf dancers

a) crazy
b) hot pieces of asses (one time they had a beauty pageant, and every question in their Q&A section was about boyfriends)
c) glorified mike holders and question askers

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01 July 2009

Broadening Horizons

With the ever competitive job market, having an edge is essential. A programmer with creative design experience, a physicist with political science aspirations, a polyglot with a teaching degree-having a little something extra, it certainly can't hurt.

Planning out my college courses for my brief two year stint here, I realize I've got a bit of extra space. I could:

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23 June 2009

Stumbling and Bumbling

Hi CNR readers, brand new shiny junior transfer here, class of 2011 *crossing fingers*. To be honest, I have no idea how I got here. Cal was a dream in high school that I discarded when I went to junior college at DVC.

Originally, I was set to go to UC Davis, I already had an apartment and roommate, I even bought a cheap bike to get around.

Heck, even during the hours leading up to decision time, I was teasing all my classmates who kept reloading their myBerkeleyApplication every few minutes (even during organic chemistry!) because I was so sure I was going somewhere else. You know what happened when I finally loaded my page and saw my admissions letter?

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