16 January 2008

EAP Singapore Spring 2008

Hi Guys!

My name is Amy Lin. 4th year MEB major currently studying abroad in Singapore! I was one of the CNR peer advisors and I thought it's be nice if I can share my experiences abroad with you guys! I'll be updating some pictures and my daily happenings on this blog. So stay tuned!

Today was the third day of school in National University of Singapore, NUS, where I study Life Sciences. I can't believe I've lived in Singapore for 10 days already. I spent the first part of my winter break in Taiwan and then I went to Singapore straight. Upon arrival in Singapore, the EAP program provided us a week of touring from Monday to Sunday last week. Everyday we woke up at around 8 and got home around 10 at night and we still have not yet finished touring and exploring Singapore! No, it is actually not that small, surprisingly.

There are 30 UC students studying abroad in NUS for Spring 2008, mostly are from UC Berkeley. 9 of us did not get assigned to the on campus housing and thus we live in the apartment- Boon Lay Block 190- arranged by the school. I live with Tiffany Berkeley, Cindy from UCLA, and Katherine from Hong Kong. We've met international students from many countries around the world, Canada, India, Malaysia, Poland, France, Brazil, Germany, England, Japan, Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan... No country, however, tops the 30 people we have from the UCs, California =)

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