03 April 2007



Hmm? It's Spring already...? We...had a Spring Break? Whoa, looks like my seasonal quiescence got the best of me. Funny how time off flies by, and the next thing ya' know there's only a little over a month of classes left. I find it disturbing realizing that it's already time to rifle through the list of class offerings and try to find something that works for the Fall.

This semester I've offered my note-taking services through Cal's DSP - I'd recommend that if you take notes (I've yet to come across someone at Cal who doesn't...) you throw your name in the hat for semesters to come, as it certainly doesn't hurt to offer the help, and if chosen you do get paid for doing so. I like to think that it also helps with your own note taking, as you become aware that someone else will actually have to understand them!

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01 December 2006


So, Phase II of Telebears (Cal's online system for class enrollment) has come and gone for me, and I'm waitlisted on half of the classes I want for spring. After miraculously not ending up on a waiting list this semester, I neglected to fully take into consideration that, since I'm a CRS major and taking interdisciplinary courses which often reserve only a select number of spots for students not in the major the course was designed for, my schedule might not be finalized until sometime after the beginning of next semester. As almost all environmental work requires a range of disciplines, it seems (albeit, selfishly) that there should be some assurance in accessing those courses. Therein lies a caveat - plan early, and pick those classes with caps on the number of non-majors allowed early.

Random link to a more amusing caveat.

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27 November 2006

Thanks Giving (and Receiving)

Now that we're back from the Thanksgiving break, there's only two weeks of class left before finals. I feel quite unprepared for the semester to be coming to an end, as I feel that in some of the classes we're just beginning to scratch the surface on the material. Although I understand the impracticality of delving deeply into some of the most interesting topics in some of my courses, I still refuse to not feel shortchanged. Just because one can devote their entire life to various aspects of these subjects, doesn't mean I can't get it all in one semester, darn it (I jest, of course)!

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13 November 2006

[insert intriguing title here]

Weeks seem to zip by faster than ever. It's definitely hard to believe that we're already in the twelfth week of school, but there's just so much to occupy yourself with that the expanse of time seems to melt away.

This past weekend was the Green Festival, which is, apparently, the largest sustainability event in the U.S. The festival showcased speakers, workshops, organic and natural foods, and a myriad of booths of environmentally friendly businesses and nonprofits. It's definitely pleasing to realize that the demand for organic and earth-friendly products has grown so substantially over the years. However, I left the festival with a mixed feeling, as I started wondering where the increasing globalization and rise of "corporate organics" will lead the sustainability and natural/organic movements.

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23 October 2006

iDarwin...and Iceland

Alright, so it doesn't quite fit the short-and-sweet naming scheme of Apple, but I just recently stumbled across this site, whereon you can download audio and text of a myriad of Darwin works. I just finished uploading On the Origin of Species to my MP3 player - if only I could get someone to record all my actual homework readings I'm supposed to get done this week, I'd be all set.

On another note, did ya' hear about Iceland starting up commercial whaling again? Taking this fin whale (note: if you're squeamish about dead animals, don't click that link)? Now, I don't want to use this blog as a soapbox, but part of being in CNR (and CRS, for me) is making sure you get involved in this world full of natural "resources." As such, if you don't agree with the decision, I'd recommend shootin' off an email to the Icelandic Tourism Board or the Chamber of Commerce - let 'em know that you aren't happy with their choice and will spend your tourism/consumer funds elsewhere, if that's your stance. Part of the whole college experience is fostering and cementing that ability to put forward your thoughts and ideas in a rational, focused manner.

Chamber of Commerce: info@chamber.is
Tourism Board: info@icetourist.is

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13 October 2006

keeping on top o' things

I seem to have totally neglected blogging in an effort to keep on top of work, school, midterms, and some semblance of a social life...but CNR, Cal, and Berkeley have so many interesting and pertinent seminars, colloqiums, and the like - thought I'd share just a few links to finding a few:

CNR Newsline
Cal Event Calendar
Ecology Center Event Calendar

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27 September 2006

stagnation and toil

So, it’s been quite a while since my last post, eh? Aye, it has been, matey. The seas have been keepin’ me at bay, what with the disappearance of a reliable internet connection at home. But a promising wind blows on the horizon, and so hopefully this period of posting stagnation’ll be resolved shortly, arr!

Speaking of internet connections (and dropping the pirate-speak)...

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30 August 2006

post one: in which we get some background, and start some classes

Alright! Post numero uno for me. I suppose we should start off with some background info, right? Well, I'm a junior transfer student, very excited to be in the Conservation and Resource Studies major. The major itself is awesome - from the ability to take classes that run the gamut of offerings (due to the fact that you write in your own area of interest into the major) to the superb advisors and support staff, my interactions with all aspects of Cal have left me in a state of quasi-euphoria.

Living off campus some might argue that I'll miss some of the "college experience," but I'm extremely satisfied with my situation. In a quaint little apartment in north Berkeley, not only am I a six minute bike ride away from Cal, but much of what Berkeley has to offer is right outside my door. One thing that I'd recommend to any new Cal student -- explore Berkeley! Yes, the school has more than enough to offer, but there's much more outside its doors as well. From the three farmers markets per week that bring in mostly organic farms, to the fabulous restaurants, and a myriad of earth-friendly events that can be found through the ecology center, there is a true wealth of activities to explore.

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