18 October 2009

Decisions, Part II

I thought I had decided not to graduate early, but now I'm on the fence, again. I talked to my mom about it and she said it was my decision, but that I could get a job and save money for medical school if I do graduate early. I'm basically going to be living in a box and eating ramen everyday in medical school. :( Hopefully not, but close enough.

Anyways, I've been trying to plan out my schedule for my remaining semesters. I still have to take PMB C112/L (General Microbiology), MCB 104 (Genetics, Genomics, and Cell Bio), MCB C148 (Microbial Genetics and Genomics), and 2 electives. For my electives, I really want to take Biology of Fungi and Biology of Algae, but neither one is offered next spring, so I might take Soil Microbiology, instead. I'm currently in a research lab that's 4 units a semester, so that more than 12 hours/ week. Starting from next semester, I'm probably going to be a UGSI for the Prep Lab class, which is either 1 or 2 units. So I'm down for at least 5 units a semester already. I work at least 10 hours a week. I'm also premed, so I have to think about allocating time to do med school apps next fall semester. I'd love some advice on any of these classes! Please and thank you!

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23 September 2009

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Washing hair and academic semesters are similar. Semesters always go through the same set of stages, always in the same order. Washing your hair always goes in the same order, just like the academic year.

There's the beginning stage (or as I like to call it, the "I-can't-believe-that-90-minute-lecture-just-flew-by" stage) where class is exciting (because it's new) and since it's the beginning of the year there aren't many assignments. The lax atmosphere of this portion of the semester often causes student to ignore homework and studying because they're too busy catching up with friends or getting back into the academic swing of things. I think that it's probably easier to slack off at this point of the year because as far as students are concerned, exams are a whole month away at this point.

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21 September 2009

Sleeping Over

For my birthday weekend, I decided to sleep over for 4 nights straight (Sept 19-22).

I eventually got tired of wasting at least 1.5hrs commuting everyday. Not only I waste time, BART also costs me $6.10 which I can spend for dinner. Today, after my 4-5:30pm PS157 lecture, I went back straight to my friends' apartment. It feels refreshing to be able to relax after a long day instead of waiting one more hour to get back home. For these reasons, I miss living around campus.

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11 September 2009

A Sock

Just 5 minutes ago I finished knitting my first sock! I’d probably have to say this is my main accomplishment this week. After all, I have been working on it on and off for a few months. I know, it took me a few months to knit just ONE sock, but it’s my sock and I made it. The best part is that the sock actually looks like a sock AND IT FITS on MY foot (I’m wearing it right now)!

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14 May 2009


Finals !

The most hectic time of the semester! Walking around looking for places to study, but all rooms and seats are taken. Can’t study at home because it feels too relaxing. Running away from the internet, but AirBears is everywhere. Getting a study group together, but ends up talking about what to do during summer, classes for next semester, and how Telebears messed some up. Finally finding a chair and table to study, but neighbors are noisy and someone beside you has a laptop and can’t help but glance over at the screen.

For some of us it’s not that our finals are hard, but we just can’t seem to find that perfect spot to study!! All I can say is, know what suits you best and good luck finding that spot! And lastly, it also helps to think about learning instead of grades.


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13 April 2009

Finding myself by getting lost

I have one more year before graduating, before the culmination of my educational career thus far. And much like many of my high school class of '05, the concern is what to do once that phase of life is over. For most people it's either find a job or grad school. But for me, I don't see either of those as an ideal option. I want to explore...not only the world but primarily myself. And that is where the Peace Corps comes in.

How hard it is to answer the question "Who am I?" Let alone, what I want to do with my life. I may acknowledge my passion for the environment but what to do with that passion is another question. And I don't feel I can take a step forward without answering that. Thus, I have concluded that the best way to find myself is by getting lost.

What exactly does this entail? There a number of routes I can take but it's the Peace Corps that won me over. What better way to get lost than to leave my world of familiarity and predictability for a world completely strange to me. Full of unknowns and nothing for me to depend on, at least immediately. A world where all I have a familiar sense of is myself. Yet as fulfilling as this experience potentially is, I find myself terrified of committing to something so beyond me. Of leaving everything and everyone that I hold dear and comforting. Of not having the sense of security of being able to predict almost everything in my current world before it happens. On having people, situations, outcomes that I can rely on. Leaving it all and bringing only whatever scrap of personality I have developed. Leaving it all for a world that may not accept me. And, most importantly, leaving it all to find myself.

A good friend of mine told me that if it's scary, it must be good. The thought of this terrifies me incredibly, almost to the point of debilitation. I'm going through the motions of committing to the Peace Corps yet I feel that with each step I do it with force upon myself. A big part of me is so scared of it that I don't want to go through with it. Yet, I feel that such a step is necessary for me to progress in my own personal development. And it is by this logic that I continue to push myself towards commitment.

It still scares the shit out of me.
"Strength and Independence"

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05 March 2009

Saved by CNR!

The past few days have been pretty challenging, to put it nicely. Yesterday, I completely messed up on my physics midterm. My pencil ran out of lead about half an hour into the exam and I didn't have an extra one. I had just lost my extra pencil earlier that day. Just my luck. So I had to use pen on my physics midterm. I decided to write my answer in the test booklet first, then transfer over to my blue book. Unfortunately, when I transferred my answer, I copied down a sign wrong so my whole answer is off. I also messed up completely on the last problem. I think my brain just decided to take a vacation during my test...

So after the midterm, I had to go home and finish a paper due today at 9:30 am in class. My printer had just run out of ink on Monday, so I ordered ink with next day shipping. They tried delivering it yesterday at 6 pm, but I was taking my physics midterm. My roommate said she would print it out for me today, but then that printer ran out of ink. I sprinted to CNR around 9 am and finally managed to print my paper! Thank heavens for the CNR computer lab!

By the way, there's a CNR movie night tonight! Free movie and pizza! Could it get any better?

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21 February 2009


I took the SLC's mock midterm today, and I just have to say that I am SCARED for the real OChem midterm. I got pretty much every answer at least partially wrong, and I don't even think they even covered all of the material.

I'm seriously worried sick. Being overly-worried about OChem is probably detrimental - I'm too afraid to touch the book, the practice problems, etc., which is simply ridiculous. I just need to face my fears and do the stuff!

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13 December 2008

EEP 100 + Commuting

EnvEcon 100 is over (except my final on Tuesday), so I thought I'd give it an evaluation.

This class has been one of the most difficult I've taken so far. It had more math than I anticipated. Also I noticed that my math skill has been getting rusty each semester. I would have preferred essays, but I'm not expecting it from any econ class. 50% of the grade comes from 10 problem sets, a 20% midterm, and a 30% final. Midterms and finals are curved, but not the problem sets.

Problem sets can give good grade boost since we usually had at least a week to work on it. However, commuting has finally took a toll on my academic performance. Most study groups happen at night and I have to leave campus by 8pm most of the time; I tried doing some problems sets on my own, but they were too hard and failed.

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18 November 2008

Tennis Update


I lost yet another match. When am I ever going to win? =(

My tennis life makes much more sense now though. I lose not because I don't have enough desire to win. I lose not because my opponents are way better. I lose because when a game starts I can't find my usual strokes and serves. I can't seem to hit the ball well and my serves won't go in. How do I deal with this?

I need to play more sets instead of just rallying (I was playing rather quite well with another friend right after my match today). Most people tell me I'm pretty good for someone who's been playing tennis for just 1.75 years. I think I should stop demanding too much and give myself some credit. For now I'll give myself a break, but win or lose I don't think I'll never stop playing this sport (as long as my body permits) =D

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17 November 2008

Tennis Tournament

I'm not even at the courts, yet I already feel nervous for tomorrow's match!!!

It's been a year since my last tournament. I've been horribly losing my matches recently (actually I lose pretty badly most of the time). Probably because I don't care enough about winning, I lack practice, or I've been playing against better people. Possibly all three.

It's weird, but I feel guilty of winning 0_o
It's really awkward that I feel bad for beating my opponents
(maybe that's why I keep losing, -_-" )

Anyways, I'll post again tomorrow after my match =D

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27 October 2008

Don't know what classes to take

My telebears is coming up in two days and I haven't decided what combination of classes to take. For sure I am taking upper div EEP classes, but not so sure how many.
Right now I'm taking EEP100, History 14, and PoliSci 1. I'm finding it a little hard to switch between EEP and PoliSci/History and after this semester I only have 1 lower div requirement left . I'm thinking whether to have all EEP classes next semester. Should I do pure econ or mix it with some PoliSci upper divs? I usually give advices on Fresh Faces, but I think this time I need some advice =o

I'll update this blog once I made a decision. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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14 October 2008

A Lab-filled Life

I'm now working at the Bjeldanes lab where I'm researching P-Met and DIM. It interesting how most of the research on DIM was produced from Bjeldanes.

One of the weird things I'm getting used to is called Bjeldanes, Len. After Japan, where I call even just classmates by their last names...now calling a professor by their first name is... whoh weird!

I really appreciate Prof. Dale in NST 171. It's the MolTox lab. Turns out that he's a prof at UCSF but serves as an adjunct prof here. He teaches really clearly and you know what's happening.

In NST 171 we rotate through different modules and are taught by different profs. Adapting to the new styles adn expectations of every profs take a bit of time to get used to.

I'm spending 20+ hours in lab every week. Life.. is.. really lab filled.

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18 September 2008

Dropped a class...

So last week I decided to drop a 5-unit class.

It was a challenge to drop the class because I felt like a coward running away from school work. Worst thing is it says on my Fresh Faces profile "Interests: ... learning Japanese". But deep inside, although I really want to learn the language, I have to face the truth that I can't handle the course load.

I was taking 18 units, 6 of which were Japanese1A and a supplementary listening class. I am also taking Env Econ100, History 14, and PoliSci 1. My course load from the other three classes are minimal, but J1A was a little too much for my "fun class"--class that fulfills no requirement. I thought it's quite off to stress over this class than my major requirements--so I decided I will just focus on my three classes this semester. Probably play more tennis and spend more time in ASUC.

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12 August 2008

Summer 08 Finals


Can't seem to concentrate during this summer semester :(

I wanted to keep myself busy this summer (which did happen), but having to worry about grades is no fun! Poli Sci 3 and Stats 21 have been interesting and fun, but I had this mindset that I should be having fun--so I didn't really focus studying. I like taking classes and I don't mind doing the schoolwork, but grades.... tsk tsk

But I guess I'm just having time management issues again. Anyhow, I gotta get studying and get over with Stats 21 so I can start memorizing Hiragana for my soon-to-be Japanese1A class =D

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06 August 2008

Telebears?! More like Teletubbies --> annoying!

(No offense to actual Teletubbies fans, and I'm not really annoyed by telebears--system works fine, it's just that classes are filled up!)

Arghhhh!!! All four classes I want to take next school year are wait-listed! Hopefully I can work my way through it.

Are you having your own problems getting into classes?
Here are some personal advice.

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21 May 2008

Lessons to learn

My first year at Cal was full of both good and bad experiences. For the most part, most of my bad experiences (academics) were avoidable. But for now, I have to recall what I have done wrong this school year and learn from it.

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14 May 2008

No more classes...

Permanently for seniors not going to grad school. Three months for people not doing summer school. And two weeks for me.

Also, Congratulations to the Class of 2008!

Now the school year is almost over (well for some people it is already over, lucky for those with no finals), It is time to plan out for summer! Actually let’s talk about that later. Let’s ace our finals first :)

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28 April 2008


If I were you, I'd get me some Sockbaby. It's a trilogy of short films made by some Modesto community college students. These have everything you've ever wanted in a quality film experience: a 1960's kungfu guy imbued with the power of James Brown, a sock-puppet messiah, some fedora wearing aliens and a cyborg named "Burger." It will change your life... perhaps not meaningfully or for the better, but still.

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26 April 2008


Don't worry. You're not alone. Even though the second wave of midterms is over, finals are looming just around the corner. Just perfect. On top of that, everyone probably has a paper due sometime in the next few weeks.

I have a paper due in about a week. Whenever I write papers, I always feel like I'm trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle. First, I write random paragraphs, or parts of paragraphs, to just get down all my ideas. Then I have to fit all the pieces together and smooth it all out. Papers take such a long time for me to write. I've always been envious of those people who can crank out an A paper the night before it's due. No wonder I'm a science major.

Besides the paper, I keep getting this feeling that I really should start studying for my Chemistry 3A final. Chemistry 3A is the first part of Organic Chemistry. A few days ago, I read over the notes I took since the last midterm and my head literally hurt after an hour.

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25 April 2008

Temptations, temptations... part 2

Chapter 2: Control, or Get Controlled

As I mentioned in Chapter 1, I was controlled by video games. That was two years ago. Now is time to strike back.

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25 April 2008

Temptations, temptations... part 1

Chapter 1 : Video Game Addiction

Midterms were over last week (at least for me), about time I caught up with all my readings (10 minutes ago, finally), and now I'm deciding what to do. It feels great that I have more time again, but I'm sure this won't last long; my final paper in College Writing R4B is due in three weeks and finals are up that same week.

Again, like always, I'm facing against the temptation to slack off and not do my homework in advance.

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24 April 2008

to every college student shaking their head

To every hard-working college student shaking their head in the wee hours of the night, rock on. Rock on :)

To every college college student procrastinating while shaking their head in the wee hours of the night, get busy :)

I everyone who slept tonight: I envy you.

www.pandora.com -- Free internet radio from the Music Genome Project.

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23 April 2008

some tips for incoming freshies :)

It's nearing the end of April, which means for me, it's almost time to sign up for classes via telebears -.- It's a pain in the butt for a lot of people, especially those who have no idea what to sign up for when that vital 24 hour period comes around- the one they call "phase 1." I remember people telling me "don't worry about what classes you take your first year. it doesn't really matter as long as you get your prerequisites them done eventually." And to those people, i say BOLOGNA!! Of course there's some breathe room to take some "just for fun" classes, but I recommend by all means to figure out some sort of plan to figure out when to take your prerequisites.
I'm an undeclared student, and for the last 2 telebears appointments I've had (fall 07 and spring 08), I've ripped out a lot of hair when the stressful time comes around to choose what classes to take. After a (almost) a full year here at berkeley, I highly recommend you to check out your college advising center.

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22 April 2008

Fun ways to de-stress

You ever feel like there just isn't enough time to just sit down and relax, especially when finals are coming up so soon? On top of that, you are apartment hunting for next semester, which isn't easy, trying to still keep in contact with your friends, trying to go to lecture and STAY AWAKE when you've had 4 hours of sleep, and other random unneeded friend drama that always seems to pop up in the most untimely fashion? yes. Well, I figured out my way of de-stressing! obvious, one is writing in this blog, but other ways, little ways that help me, since I have 3 more years to go, are : chewing gum( to keep awake), go to the library( you can concentrate more), eating at least 2 meals a day( so you aren't' preoccupied with hunger when you are supposed to be studying), and dinner appointments with friends from time to time, study groups( help each other and maintain a balanced social life), walking around Berkeley at 7 am( quite peaceful), going to the Big C or botanical gardens. Other than that, i'm doing fine. Feel free to reply back or share your methods of de-stressing in Cal!

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12 April 2008

Dealing with Berkeley's Academic Reputation

"Berkeley's reputation as a hard school really intimidates me, so I'm not entirely sure I'm enrolling yet." -Kim, high school senior

Actually during Senior Weekend I was talking to a student and she told me something similar. I faced this problem too when I was admitted to Berkeley. I imagined myself going to class with 4.0GPA, perfect SAT scores, and super bright students that I'm going to get C's and D's. But after my first semester, I realized that was not the case. There's actually more than just being bright to survive Berkeley.

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24 March 2008

Spring Break

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Wait....except I have a paper due on Monday and two presentations due on Tuesday. That basically sums up what I'll be spending this week on. Well that's not too bad because I've decided to go visit family in Palm Springs because I need a break. Even if I'm doing homework at least I'll be by the pool! This semester has kept me extra busy, I don't recommend 17.5 units and 15-20 hours of work. Yes it's possible to do it, but it's really not that much fun. On a side note...I got my first C+ on something in college. I'm really annoyed because 1/3 of the class got D's and they get to re-write their papers but I don't and my grade is close to being just as bad. I plan on spending every waking hour of break working on my second paper...okay so maybe I'll spend some time in the pool, but I am determined to get an A on my next paper now.

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20 March 2008

My day, every day, as an average UC Berkeley student

Fret fret freezing cold, fret fret freakout, fret fret fret fret.

Wake up late? Rush, run faster, catch a random bus, and make it to class earlier than you usually do.
Get an exam back? Hit the books again and maybe worry some more until you improve your grade, or, alternatively cheer!

Today was one of those fret fret freeze fret fret CHEER!!!! days, which makes it significantly better than average.

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10 March 2008


So this past week marks the second time in a month that I've been pretty sick with a cold. Do you remember reading that book "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, No Good Very Bad Day" ? I read it back in elementary school and it was one of my favorites. Anyway, my point was that I felt like I was having one of those the day I got sick. See, on thursday morning at 8:00AM, I had a lab report for Chem 1a to turn in (a FORMAL lab report, might I add). So, I set my alarm for 7:10 because, well, 50 minutes is PLENTY of time to get ready for class right? Yes. But no, not if as soon as your alarm rings, your subconscious decides to pull a sneaky "lets turn off that darn noisy wake up call and go back to sleep"


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24 February 2008

Growing Apart

One of the hard things about "going off to school" is growing apart from people that you used to be close to. It's something that I've had to adjust to this year. It's sad because it makes you realize people you were close to were only your friend out of convenience. The effort it takes to call someone once every week or two really isn't that hard. I've done my best to keep up with friends that have moved and gone to other schools. But when someone doesn't reciprocate those actions it can be hurtful. However the silver lining in the cloud is that there are so many amazing people at Cal. I met a girl this semester and became friends based on the fact we had a class together last semester even though we never talked before. ESPM classes are great because even though it's my 2nd semester I recognize 5-15 people in each of my classes.

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19 February 2008

1 Month Check In

Spring semester is about 4 weeks in and midterms are looming in the next few weeks...so how is Marissa Ponder-Bowen doing? Well I'm doing just fine. I feel much more adjusted to Cal in my second semester. It's nice to have a rough idea of what to expect. I've added an extra 7-12 hours a week of work to my schedule and made climbing more regular. Last semester I barely made time to go to Ironworks and have made it a priority in my week now. Instead of thinking if I have time I'll go, I've put into my schedule and worked other things around it. Yes I am busy however setting time aside to do something I really want to do forces me to focus and finish my reading/essays in a timely manner instead of procrastinating.

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03 February 2008

Bunnies at the Oakland Animal Shelter

Do you like bunnies? They're soft and fun to pet.
Well, even if you can't have one in your apartment, I know of a great place to go and visit them in the afternoons. The bunnies at the Oakland Animal Shelter will welcome your pets and affection, even if you do have to put them back in their cages and go home without them.

At the Oakland Animal Shelter, they take care of a couple dozen rabbits. With their no-kill policy, excellently trained volunteers, and plentiful healthy hay, they take great care of their rabbits. Unfortunately, they're trapped in little boxes in a back room for most of the day, with tons of hay and good sanitation - but still, not much room to hop or folks to cuddle with.

If you find some free time, you should definitely go to keep them company!

To get there from campus with your free bus pass, take the 1R line (#1lx/1) from Telegraph Ave. in the direction of the Bayfair BART station.

Here's a website that tells you all about the available dogs, cats, and rabbits in Oakland:

If you live anywhere in the United States, here's a great resource to help you find your new companion. With Petfinder, you can search all of the animal rescue centers nationwide, by zip code or city name:

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31 January 2008

Always unprepared

I think a common feeling here at Cal is always feeling unprepared. No matter how many hours I read, study, or go to class there's always a moment of unpreparedness (my new word). For example there is guaranteed to be one question on your final that has no relevance/random/impossible. I realized today that there will always be those moments in life beyond Berkeley. I always have an umbrella (no this is not a random tangent), in fact I have two, just in case I lose one. Well of all the days to forget an umbrella and wear a thin sweatshirt, today was not the day. As I walked way across campus in the pouring rain, I got soaked through my sweatshirt and shirt, I started laughing. Yes this was my moment...when it all made sense. Even the weather in Berkeley has it out for me. I'm always prepared for rain...except for today when it poured! I know all my scheming professors were responsible and wanted to remind me that I'm always be unprepared at Cal, even when it comes to the weather.

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23 January 2008


The yuletide relaxations have been concluded and now our hero set forth to smite his final semester at UC Berkeley. Last semester was a mind bending decerebrational dropkick of sub-epic proportions. This semester he will surely be transformed into a photo-phobic corpse of the benevolently peering sort. Yay philosophical zombies!! Speaking of which you should all submit to Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains.

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09 January 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

In the recent California storm, some of my family and friends went without power for up to four days. If you went without power for more than 48hrs, you qualify for some cash from PG&E. It's not much, but there's no reason not to take it -- is there? Also, if you lost a lot of food in your fridge or freezer, you can submit a claim requesting reimbursement for food spoilage. Check it out:

Food Spoilage http://www.pge.com/includes/docs/pdfs/customer_service/claims/claimform_santarosa.pdf

Safety Net The program provides a special, customer service staffed outage hotline, 1 (888) 743-4743 or 1 (888) PGE-4PGE, so you can speak to someone about your particular outage. Call and request a Storm Inconvenience Payment, which are provided in increments of $25, up to a maximum of $100 per event. Payment levels are based on the length of the customer's outage

* 48 to 72 hours $25
* 72 to 96 hours $50
* 96 to 120 hours $75
* 120 hours or more $100

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09 January 2008

Less than a week...SIKE, or Psych if you prefer

It's hard to believe, for me anyway, that the beginning of the Spring semester is fast approaching. I've been out since December 15th and although I know I get a month off, it certainly doesn't feel like it. It's gone by way too quickly! I feel like I have so much more I need to do and although I love venting on Fresh Faces, I'm feeling pressured to keep it short! So I hope you all have had a great break and get everything together before the 15th! I'm going to miss just hanging out at home and not worrying about readings, problem sets, or anything else, but I am looking forward to being back at school. 'Till then, then, take care!

Hmm...it seems that in my haste (from looking at a particular website, and for other reasons which will be touched on shortly) I was under the impression that classes began on Tuesday, January 15th. I feel foolish, very foolish (lmao). It must have been while looking at this (yes, I admit I only glanced at it and then proceeded to close it) that I somehow got the idea that the semester started on the 15th. I mean, it is in bold! And another thing: why the "heck" (substitute appropriate word here, lol) aren't the dates listed on either the schedule, BearFacts, or Tele-BEARS?! I think it'd be helpful having that information available! Anyway, lesson learned though. Next time I will definitely make sure to look for the "instruction Begins" date. Yeah, how about we bold that one instead?! :-P

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09 January 2008

Send Certified

The UC Riverside Biological Sciences Graduate Division has officially lost 2 of my transcripts, GRE scores, supplementary application information, check, fellowship application, and 1 (of 3 total) letter of recommendation.

5 separate envelopes. 2 of which sent from outside the state of California.

They tell me it's all lost in the mail. "If you sent it certified, we might be able to track it."
I didn't.

Let's have this be a lesson for all of us:
Choose to mail everything certified.

Oh, and... Don't plan on getting small-school attention from UC Riverside. No matter how small the program is that you're applying to, the school is massive and you can still fall through the cracks.

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29 December 2007

12/04/07 - A paper, lateness, and a ticket

Once again, the week before finals turned out to be pretty eventful. It was a Tuesday; Tuesdays were usually pretty good days, since they were short (lol). I had a class from 10-11 and then 11-12:30. I had a paper due for my first class but didn't start writing it 'till the morning of (lol). It was just a short assignment--a 2 pager. (This was a pass/no pass class btw). Making the decision to procrastinate was quite easy. I had had more important assignments to take care of and pushing this one back was a "no-brainer." I figured that I'd just write "crap" and get a C or something just to get it done since this was a pass/no pass.

So as I was writing the paper, as always, I couldn't just write crap. I'm not sure if that's a good characteristic or not...but I've never been able to be satisfied with that type of effort (especially in my writing), though some might use this blog as an argument against that statement (lol).
Anyway. Class started at 10 and I didn't leave my house 'till around 10 (I live up the 24 and it takes me about 30 minutes to get to class). I ended up being late but I didn't care about that. I finished the paper and was satisfied with it. Since I drove that day I needed to find a parking spot. I usually try to park along Hearst when I can. I found a 24 minute spot, and since I was late (and class would be over in about 25 min) I took it. So class was fine. I turned in the paper and everything (it was the last meeting of the semester). In my hurry (I guess), I forgot about my car, and when this class was over, without thinking, I headed over to my next class. It wasn't until later (around 12:00) that I realized my car was still parking in a 24 minute spot!! I hustled, ran, and breathed heavy...but when I got to my car, the officer was just printing me out a hot copy of:

Click below. Picture opens in new window/tab.

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21 December 2007

What can I do without Internet?

I guess the title of this post has already revealed what I want to share with you guys. And here it goes…

Even though I finished my last final last Friday, I didn’t get to go home till yesterday since I still had to work. Everything before Tuesday was good, because I did not have any finals left and grades were not out yet. However, when I got back Tuesday night, I found out that the wireless network at my place was not working. I tried and tried, but I still could not get my laptop connect to the network.

I was not that willing to go to sleep early. So I decided to go to a place where there is Internet. But then I was too lazy to go out in such a chilly night and I stayed in my room. So what could I do?

I first organized my room and recycled all the scratch papers I had used when I was reviewing for my ochem final. After I clean my room, it was barely 9:00 pm and that was still early for me to go to sleep. So I borrowed magazines from my roommate so that I could have something to read. Even though those magazines were not the ones I would read, I still sat there and read them word-by-word, line-by-line, paragraph –by-paragraph and page-by-page.

I thought Wednesday would be better but I was wrong. The wireless network was still not working. So I spent that night reading the papers I have written for my English class this semester and went to bed really early.

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19 December 2007

Sophomore 15?

The No. 1 thing people would warn you when you are about to enter college is: “Oh, be careful about ‘freshman 15’!” For me, I was really careful last year keeping a healthy lifestyle and consequently, I did not get my ‘freshman 15’.

But this year, it has been difficult. First of all, I moved out of the dorms so I am basically on my own for meals. As a result, I eat out much more frequently than I did last year. Secondly, I have developed bad study habits as I start to stay up late much more frequently than I did last year to finish my papers and cram in for exams. Consequently, I have to eat snacks (unhealthy ones) to fight away the hunger! Thirdly, since my vigilance toward ‘freshman 15’ has diminished, I do not go to do exercise as frequently as I should.

Here are a few tips I am going to give a try:

1). Go for vegetables and fruits whenever you can
2). Try not to develop the habit to drink sodas because once you get used to them, you would have one almost every meal.
3). It is hard to push yourself to go the gym on a regular basis. So you may want to find things to do with friends that are “hidden exercises”
4). Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to “diet” because this may make you feel left out when you are hanging out with friends who not are not dieting. Have some unplanned days when you can eat whatever…
5). Try to maintain regular eating and sleeping times!
6). Never skip a meal, especially breakfast!

That’s what I have so far. Any suggestions?

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28 November 2007

Honor: Why you should not enroll in 19 units and work three jobs.

The opportunities made available to me at UC Berkeley are beyond my wildest dreams (although, to be honest, I never dreamt about them ^_^). This May, I got injured and had to stop competing in the martial arts until I healed. Shortly thereafter, I got in a bit of a car accident while on a new scooter (read: don’t get one). While training 24 hours a week, in order to stay on top of my competition in the ring and class, I had to say no to all of those exciting academic and extra-curricular opportunities that pop up. So, once I had healed, I realized I could say YES, YES, YES!

Somehow, this has resulted in me taking 19 units this semester, auditing two additional classes, taking on three jobs, and being involved in numerous other programs. Beyond that, I’m taking the GRE next weekend, applying to four very special graduate programs and interviewing for two full-time jobs that would start next year. Surprisingly, I’ve been able to fulfill my commitments thus far in the semester. Unfortunately, as the semester’s end nears, the cumulative requirements of my involvement seems to be peaking, ACK!

Here is where my blog title, honor, gets involved. Wikipedia has a nice long article on honor. I was taught, however, a more simple definition: the ability to recognize and fulfill my obligations – both to others and oneself. Additionally, my capability to do this is most important when times are at their toughest – it means the most to come through for people when my life is at its hardest. To everyone stressing out – remember this. If we can follow through at our best now, during the semester’s peak, we will surely be ready to handle life under lower levels of stress. This is our time to shine!

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18 November 2007

Time Mgmt

I've got a lot of great ideas for blog posts. The obstacle, however, is that these epiphanies usually come when I have lots of work to do. Actually, now that I think about it, I *always* have work to do -- usually with impending deadlines of 1-2 days away. So, how can I make time for all the small stuff -- like blog posting?

My idea is to separate your to-do list in half: one with priorities and deadlines, and the other with all that small stuff you never get around to doing. When you find your brain fried and in need of a break -- pick up your 2nd to-do list and get a cracking! (PS. TeleBEARS phase II is coming… Don’t forget!!!)

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06 November 2007

Midterms! Eek!!!

Hey! I feel like I haven't posted for quite a while. Anyways, everyone up for another round of midterms? I have a Math 1A midterm this thursday and a Chemistry 1A midterm on the Tuesday after Veteran's day. Thank heavens we have a day off!! Has anyone else noticed how rare days off are at Berkeley? I also have a paper due for english and a research paper to write for the class, too. Then, there's also the chemistry research project. I feel like everything's

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26 September 2007

First Paper Officially Done

Its proof read (thanks to my English major friends) printed, and stapled. Now I'm nervously waiting to turn it in. Normally I'm pretty confident about my writing skills, but now that it's my first paper to turn into Berkeley it seems kind of nerve racking. All those what ifs floating through my head like, what if I citied something incorrectly?, what if my thesis sucks?, what if my paper doesn't support my possibly crappy thesis?, what if my teacher thinks my paper is just plain horrible?. Now I know I'm over exaggerating and probably worrying over nothing. But I feel like this paper is important, it represents where I stand in Berkeley. So all of you reading this send me some good thoughts or go bribe my professor for me :) I'll let you know how I do...Oh and I'm sort of justly paranoid because the first sentence under the grading guide for "A" says: A rarer grade...yah you try to sleep at night with that on your mind.

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25 September 2007

Midterm Butterflies

Hey! I know everyone's probably pretty busy around this time...midterm time! So far I've had a Chemistry 1A midterm and a Math 1A midterm. The Math 1A midterm was today. Have you ever put down an answer, think about it, change it, and it turns out that your first answer was right? I always do that. I know I've missed a problem on my math midterm already. :( Yes, I just needed to rant about it, so bear with me. *sigh* It was such an easy problem and I was going to put the correct answer! Then, I counter-guessed myself and put down a wrong answer. Oh, well. There's still one more midterm and a final, so hopefully I'll still be able to get a good grade in the class overall. I really really hope so! Good luck to the rest of you on your midterms!!!

Advice: Go with your first instinct! It's usually right! Don't change it unless you're absolutely certain that your first answer is wrong.

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18 September 2007

Second year, twice as much fun!

I know it has been some time since I have posted a blog but I have a very good reason for that. Oh wait, no I used that excuse last year. Well, it's true...Berkeley is taking over my life and I never have free time to do anything any more...if dinner wasn't scheduled at my sorority house I would probablly never eat! This semester I am taking chem 3B, chem 3BL (no they are not the same class and yes they both have finals and seperate grades), math, public health (for my healthworker position), upper division arabic language, and upper division arabic philisophical texts. AND I started my first job ever at Bare Escentuals on 4th street because 1. I LOVE MAKE UP and doing make up on people 2. Its really hard to get into cosmetics if you haven't had lots of experince and so getting a job offer from them was rediculously amazing 3. I need to put something in the empty space under "work experience" on my resume so that I can apply to internships and medical school and not look like a complete non-responcible spoiled teenager. AND I am also pledging a pre-med sorority (Kappa Gamma Delta) AND I have my existing social sorority (Alpha Phi). Yeah, AND my parents are freaking out because they think they're never ever going to see me again which may be true to some extent. Yet I still have to admit it has been absoloutly FABULOUS not having class on Fridays and starting class at 1 on Mondays...and I also must admit that I work a lot better when I stretch myself really thin so this is going to benifit me rather than kill me. Well, it might kill me but at least I'll have accomplished a lot so it'll be a memorable death =)

So that's the 411 on my semester in a nuttshell. Hope you are having fun!

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08 September 2007

Scheduling Nightmare

I've always heard that scheduling was a nightmare, but my schedule seemed to work out perfectly. All my classes were evenly distributed throughout the week, averaging about 3 lectures/discussions per day. Sweet, no?

Since I'm premed (forgot to mention this in my first post...), I have to take a year of math. So, of course, I opted for the easier calculus course: Math 16. Then...

The Nightmare:

On the second day of school, I freaked out because my friend told me that premeds are supposed to take Math 1, not Math 16. So....I sent an email to the Plant and Microbial Biology advisor Marjorie Ensor, asking if Math 16 fulfilled the math requirement for premeds...but,

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06 August 2007

Schedule, Schedule and Schedule

I just had my Tele-BEARS Appointment for Phase II Appointment this morning. And I was at no surprised to find out that I am No. 104 on the waitlist for Chemistry 3A (the lecture part). Plus, the waitlist of ESPM 50AC, a class I really want/have to take, is full so that I cannot even add myself to the waitlist.

I do not intend to complain since
1). I know my Phase II appointment is late
2). People will drop classes during the first few weeks
3). I was able to enroll in Biology 1B, English R1A and Chemistry 3AL(the lab part) during Phase I
3). Maybe I should just have a 3-course workload for Fall 2007

But I am still a bit annoyed and frustrated…

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31 July 2007


Today I actually went about my day without feeling extreme anxiety and stress. I think I've been in burnout mode. Berkeley summer sessions are not for the faint of heart. Really made a difference to finish my lab write-up early, then spend the weekend with family. I only had a little pre-lab to do before class today. I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed. Goodness, this is a good day.

Also of interest: Kyle (GPB adviser) approved an online statistics course. Nice! Now I can get started on that. Looks like I'm making progress to all these insane goals, like graduation. Only two states away and eight years after I started.

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22 June 2007

Freaking out about chem...and the class hasn't even started!

So I am number 46 on the waitlist for Advanced Organic Chemistry (chem 3B). There are at least 150 others on the waitlist along with me. What's odd is that there is enough room in the lecture itself but no rooms in the lab. If I don't get into Chem 3B for the fall semester it's going to completely throw off my entire schedule. The only way this will work is if 46 people magically dropped out of the highly demanded chem 3B before August...or on the more realistic side, the chem department opens up a few more lab sections before the fall semester begins. Let's just hope option 2 happens so I can avoid starting my 2nd year completely stressed out! Pray for me...and if you find out anything about chem 3B let me know!

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20 June 2007


So I'm officially tired of looking at overpriced crappy apartments. I'm sure this sounds cliché but I never knew finding a place close to campus that wasn't like $1000 per person a month would be that hard. But atlas, why such aggravation at something I knew? Because....I didn't get the affordable place, close to campus that would take my dog!!! I even baked the landlord cookies, and she still gave it to someone else...AHHHH!! That means tonight instead of going climbing and doing yoga, I get to go look at another place, that’s farther away and is more expensive. To the rest of you good luck finding a place! I tend to be optimistic so I know everything will work out in the end, and yes supposedly everything happens for a reason.

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12 June 2007

Back to work - wait, I never had a break!

Seems like when you leave the country for a couple of weeks, people assume that you spent your time on vacation. They expect you to return all rested and happy. Well, that's not so much the case. Especially when you go to Europe for research. Jetlag is no fun, either. So what do you do when people say, "Welcome home, now get to work!" I haven't figured it out yet. I just kind of mutter, "I never stopped working in the first place."

It's been non-stop since returning from the weeks at various European herbaria. I arrived home, spent a day with my family, drove back to Berkeley, threw my bags in my room, and made it to work at Starbucks - just in time for a 4pm shift. Closed the store, ran home on my own two feet, fell soundly to sleep, and woke up in time for the 8am class Monday morning. Except I didn't know what room it was in - so I showed up at the wrong place, found someone who knew what room it was in. They failed to mention the building so I wandered the wrong building for a half hour, then showed up late at the proper room. Learned the first few steps for making microscope slides. Went home at 6:30pm. I had 20 minutes for lunch in there somewhere, in between paraffin steps and not at a usual time at all.

People at the Co-Op seemed to think that I was just back from a wonderful vacation. They wanted to hear about all the places I saw in Europe. When I explained that they all looked about the same - shelves or cabinets with dried, old plant samples on acid-free paper - they figured out that I just wanted a bit of a break.

In a way, last week was a break. Microscopy is fun, and I realized that I was actually decent at it. On top of the fun I was having with the course, I wasn't running to Starbucks every evening to help with the close. Class got out too late to work a normal shift, so I just spent more time making perfect slides, then coming home to eat dinner, crash, and maybe watch people play a game of poker before sleeping. Saturday I was supposed to have the day off, but I made a horrible decision and took someone's morning shift at work. An eight-hour shift starting at 5:15am is not the best way to end a stressful week of slide-making. I slept all day Sunday, when I wasn't walking a love-able dog named Otis, who I happened to be pet-sitting. So, Sunday was my break, until I went to work at 4pm, that is.

This week I'm spending time in the Specht lab, learning new skills. Yesterday I spent my time extracting DNA from some Cheilanthoid ferns, the start of my SPUR project for the summer. I don't work at Starbucks again until Wednesday - thank goodness. Working while going to school is a rush. Unless you're crazy like me, I don't recommend it.

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31 May 2007


from an earlier blog that I never posted...

After three (well almost three) years, you'd think that finals are now a breeze, that I am now an expert at them. Definitely not. Finals are still as stressful, annoying, and sleep-depriving as ever. But I have learned a few things:

1.) Set at least 3 alarms before your test
2.) the libraries are JAM-PACKED during finals season, get ready to fight(literally) for a seat
3.)I am a way better procrastinating studier than is better for my own good
4.) Showers become a luxury many cant afford during finals
5.) Take deep breaths and breaks
6.)Stay/sleep at the library if you have an 8:00am final
7.) Find your study spot....that will become your home
8.) Beware of STREAKERS!!!!
9.) Energy drinks, coffee, energy gum, etc. are a must
10.) The end of finals will come


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09 May 2007

Wow, in a few days I won't be a 1st year anymore!

Instruction was officially over yesturday. I can't believe I'll be a 2nd year in a few days. I mean no longer will I be able to make mistakes and say "oh, it's only my first year!"...Dang it!

I have a final I am studying for Monday and that's my last one. Organic chemistry..not a peice of cake. Of course I've already started studying for it. I want to be prepared for this test...but at least I'll get to go home Monday and just RELAX. Then I am coming back Friday for a few graduations I have to attend for my senior friends. And I am going to pack out of my dorm room then. We have to be completely out with keys turned in Saturday at 10 am and I have A LOT to pack. I am storing stuff I dont need to take back home in Berkeley like books, printer, comforter..etc. If you are still looking for storage call 1-800-586-3020 and they'll even pick up your stuff!

Good luck with finals!

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29 April 2007


I am already studying for finals because studying is good early. The earlier the better. Today is a promising day by the way. I hope to be able to get some econ studied, to be able to work on stats work, and then finally finish an essay.

So this morning at around 6 or 7, I heard some bird starting to go outside my window. It went something like this, EEP. EEEP. EEEP. EEP. I woke up and I was like That *&*%%&^ bird. That #%@$^ Bird. TFB. I leaned as far out as I could out the window and shouted "Shut the !@%# up you #@%%^^ bird!" I was furious as hell and no bird on earth is going to go ruin my beauty sleep.

The bird went on for the rest of the morning. I feel like an overused salt lick in a cow field.

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31 March 2007

Pirates of the Berkeley: Dead Man's Finals

I wrote my last entry on a rather sad note. It was good that Spring Break came when it did because I was very much ready to throw myself off Evans by then. The strain was getting to be a bit too much.

But it's all good now. I have gone home, totally forgotten everything I have learned in the past weeks, and then recharged my batteries for the upcoming stretch run to finals. I didn't do much really, just sat around, watched movies, managed to find a decent bed to sleep in and get to have time to sleep in actually. Loved every second of it.

Of course this delicate balance of peace and sleep will be disrupted the second I return to Berkeley. Oh, the life I live to pursue infinite fortune!

On a tiny side note, I read other people's entries and I feel bad because it always seems like they're writing so much more interesting stuff than I am. The dude who put up the picture of the chihuahua and managed to make it work is a deity blogger.

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12 March 2007

The Thin Dark Line

The day breaks with a cackling snort from the snortling, flaring nostrils of my slumbering roommate. Fool, he should have wakened me. After all, midterms don't come along every morning. Name's Jonathan. And I'm a student. Words don't complete the profile I made for myself in my head. After all, I'm special.

Tiny cracks of a fearful light peek at me from behind fat folds of polyester curtain. They spider into tiny flacks of magenta and emerald, cutting my room into fourths. This morning is going to be a bad one. I could smell it in the sky. It was one of those mornings that tell you in advance the beating they're going to fist out on your face, like one of those bad oafs that screw up your day by snatching you off the streets, giving you a good crack up of the molars, and then set you up back on the corner like so much any piece of four day old newspaper rolled fly flavored fish.

God I hate midterms.

The door slams open and the morning day flicks my eyes. Damn! They started early today! I reached for my good friend, Mr. Alarm Clock. He's a real ball buster, all bust. No ball. He's a digital clock and damn proud of it. And he's real prouding me with his little announcement. His breath is reek with plastic and cold with reality. It's 9:45, and you got a test in fifteen minutes. I suggest you move your warm little fanny.

I give myself five seconds to compile my thoughts. No time for a Windows boot up. You gotta go Mac. The carpet is warm under the soles of my feet. I don't get it. What's wrong with this picture? Quickly I robe myself with the closest pair of pants and shirts I can find. Can't register the cold now. I leave embroiled in a swirl of body flavored profanities.

The sun is hot. And strong. Damn this thermo. I can't take it anymore. I thought I was through this by heading up North. Can't think. A brown furry squirrel slits down the tree beside me. Bad squirrel. Didn't Momma BushTail tell you not take your chores too seriously? I give it a sideways kick while on my way down the stairs. No time for cookies, Mr. Nature. I got a midterm to take.

The Auditorium is fifteen minutes away. Fifteen tiny ticks on the clock flicked away by that unstopping arm of the thin dark line. Move it, legs. My heart starts to pick up the pace as it shakes off the morning eye dust with a Mexican Tango. The stomachy pit in the cull of my belly ripples with the grip of a hungry pain. Damn you, he says. That time we got tripped up down South in the California bayou of a city? I got you through that. Feed me. No time I say. I got a midterm to take.

I push my vein encrusted hands through an oak brown, axe carved recepticle. The air brushes my sleep sculpted hair. I hate bed hair. My sandals are ill fit for the environment. It's like trying to ride a motorcyle with a monkey hanging from your jaw. It's just not right at this time. They all send a tiny citation of notice to my brain.

I tell them all to shut up. It's time to take the test.

I delegate my gravity onto a nylon encased chair. It squeals like a slit pig on Hannukah. Or doesn't. Not sure about that metaphor. I shake the sleep from my eyes and its metal taste off my tongue. I don't got a problem at all. My hand darts into my right pocket. It wants something and if it wants something. It gets it. Then it hits me like a locomotive barrelling down an ungreased aluminum track at fifty kilos a second.

I'd forgotten my pencil.

My molars are starting to hurt.

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28 February 2007

Even the chemistry in Berkeley is Organic and difficult.

I had my first midterm yesturday at 6:30 - O-CHEM. I studied non-stop for a good week, even though the professor still gave new material till the day of the midterm. I studied so much I even dreamt about chlorination cracking mechinisms and such AND I passed up on 3 parties that week, how sad. At the end of course, I got slapped with the test. It was very very tough and extremely challenging. Let's just hope the curve will save me somehow. Now I have to study for my Arabic and English midterms, good luck on miterms everyone!

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06 December 2006

Hell Week

Ok, so finals are coming up. The first thing that comes to mind? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Two of my biggest finals are on the first day of finals. I have my math and chem finals next Tuesday. Then I have a huge break and my next final is my upper div. Peace and Conflict final on Saturday from 5-8. Yeah, I know...on SATURDAY NIGHT! I am in that class right now actually, I'm bitter about the final date so I decided to rebel and blog during his class. Ok, I am just kidding we have a 5 minute break considering this is a two hour class. Anyhow, back to the subject...I then have my last final on Monday. The last two finals aren't too bad and I can handle them. Now it's just crunch time for my first two hell finals! Ahhhhhhhhh < once again!

Good luck on finals!

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29 September 2006

Midterm Slaying, Slashing, & Stabbing

I just got killed today by my three midterms. I thought they would be okay. I had plenty of time yesterday and at odd hours this morning, when I decided to take my time reading instead of cramming stuff in my head. I cannot believe how evil that math test was!!! Afterwards I replayed the gory scene/metaphor in my head.. my guts being ripped out and my face drained of all life. I wanted to quit college, throw away dreams of professional school, and curl up in a ball to be a rock. It took so much effort to go on to a committee meeting, Crossroads for dinner, another committee meeting, then ballroom dance practice. Now I've talked to my loving floormates and feel stable, but it was such a life-changing feeling of doom. I hope that tomorrow's Study Abroad Fair (which I've been anticipating for 2 months) will raise my spirits. My roommates are both going home this weekend and I hope I can stay busily relaxed.

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25 September 2006

When Midterms Attack

I take four classes - Plant and Microbiology, Integrative Biology, Chem 1A and Math 1B. I had midterms for Chem 1A and IB last week. Exactly one week from now is the midterm on PMB and then the week after that Math 1B and IB again. Great. Stop the world! I want to get off!

Did I tell you what it's like to take a midterm? The word itself denotes fear into college students with the same magnitude with which "alka seltzer" spells to pigeons. You sit in a huge room with very little writing space and then try to bang out this test, this incredibly hard test, with only your wits and a pencil. C'mon, how many times in your real work are you going to find yourself judged only with two such tools? I propose that Berkeley makes its tests more like real world tests ... and allow us to bring in Internet.

Did I tell you I live in Foothill? The Fifth floor on Foothill? Goodness squiggly squirrels. I have to climb the essential height of Sather Tower just to get where I live. I am surprised I haven't suffered from the high climate yet. It has become an art - figuring out how long it takes to get to class and timing it just right so that you can make it without having to sit around bored. Don't do this on your midterm. That is my goodwill advice of the day. My conscience is satiated.

Chem has devastated my social skills, especially with girls. After one unforunate encounter I asked my friend why my latest potential turned me down. My friend replied, "The scientific community has proven, with reasonable evidence and confidence, that pick up lines that include the phrases 'electron' 'ionic bonds' and 'effective charge' bear little impact on a lady's conception of you." I then sophiscatedly told my friend to shove it.

My laundry is done. I'd be worried someone would steal something but for the fact it is worth nothing.

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19 September 2006

the past couple of weeks....

I cant believe its almost going to be a month since classes started. Some some reason the week goes by so quickly and i have so much to do. I dont know how many people feel the same way but i sure do. With my crazy schedule, i sometimes forget to the most important thing which is take care of myself. For that reason, i have decided to give myself some time everyday just to relax. Going to the gym has helped me a lot. With membership only being ten dollars, i knew i had to take advantage of it.

I really like the classes that i am in and i am learning so much so far. I do realize that midterms are just around the corner and that can be a scary thought but i figure as long as i dedicate the time to study and go to my professors and/or gsi's office hours i will be fine. After three years of midterms i shouldnt be that worried. During midterm time, i like going to the library or to different cafes because it helps me in being more productive and focused. Today should be a long day but im excited because i get to spend time with my friends/sorority sisters before hitting the books.

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