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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: 2002 CNR Distinguished Teaching Award DUE MARCH 1

February 7, 2002



The College of Natural Resources Distinguished Teaching Award acknowledges the efforts of faculty members in the College who have excelled in undergraduate teaching and made significant contributions to the teaching mission of the College. Specific criteria include:

* command of the subject matter;
* ability to organize course material and to present it cogently;
* ability to inspire in undergraduate students independent and original thinking;
* enthusiasm in communicating the subject matter;
* guidance of undergraduate student research projects;
* ability to respond to a diverse student body;
* participation in advising and mentoring undergraduate students;
* effective design and redesign of courses.


We are soliciting nominations from students and faculty. Letters of nomination should be no more than two single-spaced pages, and can be from a student or faculty member. The letter should include the following items:

i. Name of nominator and nominee.
ii. The course(s) through which the nominee is known to the nominator, and circumstances that have instigated the nomination.
iii. Detailed explanation of the nominee's excellence in undergraduate education, addressing to the extent possible all the criteria for the award described above.

The chair of the relevant department or division will be solicited for further information on each nomination. Once this information has been received, candidates will be evaluated by a committee of faculty in the College of Natural Resources appointed specifically for the purpose.

It is intended that nominations be made confidentially and that the candidate, in particular, not be notified of his or her nomination.

Deadline for Nomination

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, March 1, 2002, to Rosemary Gillespie, Vice Chair, Executive Committee, College of Natural Resources, 201 Wellman Hall, MC3112, University of California, Berkeley CA 94720-3112.

Questions can be addressed to Rosemary Gillespie, email


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