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January 20, 2004

CNR Student to Represent Berkeley at UC Day

Inga Wilder, a junior in Microbial Biology, is one of two UC Berkeley undergraduates to represent the campus with a research poster presentation at UC Day in Sacramento on March 8-9, 2004. Her research project, "The Role of Cell-Cell Signaling in Host Plant Symptom Development by Xylella Fastidiosa," was selected among 50 applicants. Jason Melinski, who has an individual major in Environmental Policy and Investigative Journalism, will also represent Berkeley. The selected projects will be showcased at a luncheon that will be attended by legislators, alumni, and perhaps the governor. After the luncheon, the posters will be moved to the Capitol Building for one week, where they will be displayed outside the Governor's Office.

Online Discussion with Norman Borlaug and Sara Scherr

Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug, known as the “father of the Green Revolution,” came to Berkeley last summer to meet with participants in the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), run by the College’s Center for Sustainable Resource Development. Borlaug’s visit was so successful that alumni of the ELP wanted to continue their conversations with him.

This week, Borlaug responded online to four questions in order to launch a listserve-based, online discussion about the Green Revolution, environmental sustainability of agriculture, globalization, and biotechnology. Dr. Sara Scherr, Executive Director of Ecoagriculture Partners, Senior Associate of Forest Trends, and member of the UN’s Hunger Task Force, provides counterpoint to Dr. Borlaug’s responses. She is co-author, with Jeff McNeeley, of Ecoagriculture: Strategies to Feed the World and Save Wild Biodiversity and a lecturer to the 2002 ELP.

State budget proposals call for an additional $12 million in cuts to the educational outreach programs at the University of California. Read about budget concerns as well as an update on City Bugs, Urban Environmental Education, and the College's other outreach success stories in the Fall Outreach Report.

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