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June 7, 2005

Recent Awards

In case you missed May's CNR Awards Ceremony, you should know the college honored two friends with the CNR citation, and also recognized several staff and faculty.
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Congratulations to Beth Boyer, Justin Brashares and Per Palsboll, all of whom recently received Junior Faculty Research Grants from the Committee on Research.
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Andy Jackson received the Ruth Allen Award from the American Phytopathological Society for "outstanding, innovative research contributions."
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Bob Buchanan was honored with the Stephen Hales Prize, the highest award of the American Society of Plant Biologists; he also recently received the highest award bestowed by his alma mater, Emory and Henry College.
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Kris Niyogi received the Charles Albert Shull Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists.
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Don Kaplan received the Charles Edwin Bessey Award from the Botanical Society of America for "outstanding contributions made to Botanical instruction and leadership." The award is a capstone to Don's illustrious career. Among other honors, he is a recipient of the Berkeley Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award.
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This website,, created by CE Specialist Peggy Lemaux and postdoctoral scholar Petra Frey, and maintained by Barbara Alonso and Steve Ruzin, won the National Award for a Website from the 2005 Bayer Advanced National Association of County Agricultural Agents Communication Awards Program.

June 2, 2005

CWH now jointly administered by CNR and SPH


A recent celebration announced the partnership between the School of Public Health and the College of Natural Resources as co-directors over the Center for Weight and Health.

On Thursday, June 2, CNR Dean Paul Ludden and Stephen Shortell, dean of the School of Public Health, announced a new partnership between the schools to jointly administer UC Berkeley's Center for Weight and Health.

The Center for Weight and Health co-sponsors the largest nationwide conference on childhood obesity, the California Childhood Obesity Conference, and provides the most comprehensive resource on the subject though its extensive research.

"It makes perfect sense to bring our two organizations closer together through the Center for Weight and Health, since we are both striving to address a crucial public health issue at a time when rising obesity rates have reached a crisis level," said Shortell.

"The formalization this partnership will provide additional opportunities for collaborative research, fundraising, and outreach to address the state's epidemic of obesity," said Ludden.

The deans jointly announced the center's new co-directors, Dr. Pat Crawford, CNR, and Dr. May-Choo W. Wang, SPH.

June 1, 2005

Cooperative Extension program launches new website for agricultural personnel management

The University of California's Agricultural Personnel Management Program (APMP) has launched a revamped website with resources and information for agricultural production firms. The site is a prime resource for industry on the topics of:

* basic personnel management decisions and processes in agriculture
* legal, technological, and labor market influences, and
* related farm labor issues of public concern.

Over the years, the infrastructure of organizations and professionals offering guidance to farm business operators, labor contractors, and others directly managing personnel in agriculture has grown in size and sophistication, and the Internet has increasingly connected educators, researchers, public agency staff, and advocates with each other and with their agricultural clientele.

As a result, the APMP’s site,, has evolved into a major community resource for information about practices and regulation of human resource management in production agriculture. The site is now organized to be an effective resource for the practice of human resource management in agriculture. It alsoprovides features for easy, topic-oriented navigation, presentation of timely news, and use of contributions from visitors.

The websites topics include "Keeping Current," "Management Practices," "Law and Agencies," "Labor Market Info," "Associations and Advocates," and "Education, Research, Services."

Within the section "Keeping Current," visitors can post workshops, seminars, conferences, hearings, and other meetings related human resource management in agriculture. Visitors can also engage each other in networking and discussion groups.

The "Management Practices" section offers tools, guidelines, and other information related to major areas of human resource management practice in agriculture.
The APMP was created in 1981 as part of the UC Cooperative Extension system. For more information about APMP, Cooperative extension, or the new website, e-mail Cooperative Extension Specialist Howard Rosenberg.


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CWH now jointly administered by CNR and SPH
Cooperative Extension program launches new website for agricultural personnel management


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