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October 28, 2013

Fire detection satellite could prevent big blazes

As firefighters emerge from another record wildfire season in the Western United States, University of California, Berkeley, scientists say it’s time to give them a 21st century tool: a fire-spotting satellite.

An artist’s concept of the FUEGO satellite, which would snap digital photos of the Western U.S. every few seconds in search of hot spots that could be newly ignited fires. Image by R. E. Lafever, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Such a satellite could view the Western states almost continuously, snapping pictures of the ground every few seconds in search of hot spots that could be newly ignited wildfires. Firefighting resources could then be directed to these spots in hopes of preventing the fires from growing out of control and threatening lives and property.

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October 14, 2013

Kremen Named CAS Fellow

Kremen_headshot165.jpgClaire Kremen, professor of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, has been named a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences along with two Berkeley colleagues, it was announced Friday (Oct. 11). The Academy Fellows are a governing group of approximately 300 distinguished scientists who have made notable contributions to one or more of the natural sciences. Nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Board of Trustees, the Academy Fellows remain members of the Fellowship for life.

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October 11, 2013

First University-Community Gill Tract Event Seeks Unity, Vision

This Sunday (October 13) marks a key milestone in the relationship between UC Berkeley, urban agriculture activists, and residents local to the plot of agricultural land near the Albany-Berkeley border known as the Gill Tract.

Above and below, volunteers participate in the pilot learning lab at the Gill Tract in Albany. PHOTOS: Daniel Cardozo

“Community Forum on the Gill Tract Farm: A Laboratory for a Resilient Future” is an all-day event co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources (CNR), UC Cooperative Extension Alameda, and the Gill Tract Farm Coalition—an umbrella group for various community activist organizations interested in seeing urban agriculture conducted on the site. The three groups have invited the local community to the joint event so they can work together to create a unified community-University partnership for the future of the UC Regents-owned agricultural tract, which is farmed by CNR scientists conducting plant and agricultural research.

The day’s proceedings include a harvest from the University-community educational pilot project currently taking place on the land. Since 2012, CNR faculty members and Cooperative Extension specialists have been developing opportunities to allow community members to gain educational benefits from Gill Tract–based research. This summer, agroecology professor Miguel Altieri launched a pilot effort toward that end: an ongoing participatory urban-agriculture research project with a group of 40 UC Berkeley students and community members. The project seeks to determine how much food the group can grow through November, using agroecological methods.

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Fire detection satellite could prevent big blazes
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