College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Landscape Architecture 198: Engaged Scholarship in Urban Forestry (2 credits)

January 19, 2010

Professor Joe McBride
Lecture: Thurs 9-10:30am, 315D Wurster Hall
CCN: 48562

The engaged scholarship course in community urban forestry is a service-learning component associated with the lecture course LA 225: Urban Forest Management and Planning. Students interested in learning more about local community forestry in the San Francisco Bay Area should enroll in this separate 2-unit course as LA 198.

The service learning component will consist of a weekly seminar with 1) discussions and readings on the role of community groups in urban greening, 2) training in tree measurements, condition rating, tree planting, pruning, and other arboriculture techniques, 3) workshops on working with diverse communities, 4) guest lectures from the leaders of local urban forestry non-profit organizations and municipal arborists. In addition, student teams will engage with local urban forestry projects, such as organizing and assisting in planting events, conducting tree inventories, developing educational materials, assisting with community-based research projects. Students will reflect on their experiences throughout the semester, and teams will present progress reports in class and deliver final reports to the community partners.

Students interested in enrolling in LA 198 are encouraged to take LA 198 concurrently with the lecture course. Students who previously completed LA 225 or who have scheduling conflicts with the lectures may be permitted to join as well.

For additional information about this new course, email Lara Roman (