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Upcoming Events 1/8/10

January 7, 2010

Events Included in this Entry:
I. Berkeley Green Campus is Hosting a Poster Design Contest!
II. Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium: Announcing the First Call for Abstract Submissions
III. Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice EPA Video Competition
IV. Ocean Conservationists to Stage National "Wear Blue for the Ocean" Day

I. Berkeley Green Campus is Hosting a Poster Design Contest!
Green Campus is holding a poster design contest for Blackout Battles! Blackout Battles is an energy saving competition between the units in the residence halls. This competition takes place once per semester. We are currently accepting submissions for the spring semester design until January 22nd! If your design is selected, you will receive $150 and your design will be used* to publicize the spring 2010 competition.

Please participate and/or forward this to other interested groups/individuals!

Design Competition Details:
What: Design new publicity for Green Campus' spring Blackout Battles.

Part 1: 8.5 x 11" flyer, color, to be posted on each floor in the residence hall units (must be high enough quality to enlarge to 36"x48")

Part 2: A color, quarter sheet, double sided (with energy-saving tips on the back, see attached example) "mailbox stuffer" (four of the same design on one page)

Who: Anyone is welcome to enter!
Deadline: Friday, January 22

Prize: $150 Visa gift card for first place, $50 gift card for second place
How to Submit: Email attachments in PDF and High Quality JPG or PSD (or all three!), formats to

Blackout Battles Details:
What: Blackout Battles (We are open to ideas for new names)
When: Feb 1 - April 1
Who: Units 1 - 4
Prize: Ice cream sundae party for the entire unit
How: (Energy saving tips can be seen on previous publicity, attached, feel free to add more)

**Green Campus reserves the right to make some changes or edits to the original design. Artist will still receive credit for the design.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you!
UC Berkeley Green Campus

II. Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium: Announcing the First Call for Abstract Submissions

We are accepting abstracts for research posters and 15-minute oral presentations for the 12th annual Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium, February 20th, 2010 to be held at the San Francisco State University campus.

This student-organized symposium is a forum to share and discuss recent scientific findings and policy issues in conservation biology, with an emphasis on current graduate student research. We invite abstract submissions for oral presentations and posters from students,
faculty, and individuals from the government, non-profit, and the private sector. Presentations will encompass research from the Bay Area, the rest of California, and beyond.

Presentations may be in area of, (but not limited to):
• Local and Global Conservation Projects
• Restoration Ecology
• Conservation Genetics
• Community Ecology
• Conservation Policy & Management

Email abstract submissions as an MS Word document to

Please provide the following information when emailing your abstract:
Title of Presentation
Name and Institution (including all collaborators)
Abstract (limit 300 words)
Your contact Information

Submission Deadline is February 1, 2010

For conference details visit:

Or email:

Please help us get the word out by forwarding this message to any interested parties and organizations.


Abstract Review Committee
12th Annual Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium

III. Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice EPA Video Competition
The stuff you use every day affects your environment, your community, and your planet. EPA is sponsoring a video competition to raise awareness of the connection between the environment and the "stuff" people use, consume, recycle, and throw away. We need your help in creating videos that will inspire community involvement, spread information and lead to action. Your passion, your creativity, and your ideas can make a difference. After all, it's our stuff, our planet, our choice.

EPA Video Competition

- Buying Green
- Recycling
- Reducing Your Consumption
- Composting

For more information including rules and submission instructions, visit

Win up to $2500.

WHO: Anyone 13 or older can participate.
WHEN: Submit your 30 or 60 second video between December 16th and February 16th 2010.

IV. Ocean Conservationists to Stage National “Wear Blue for the Ocean” Day on January 13th, in efforts to advance U.S. Ocean Policy
(San Francisco, CA – January 6, 2009) This month, President Obama will have an opportunity to enact our nation’s first-ever unified National Oceans Policy to protect, maintain and restore the health of ocean, coastal and Great Lakes ecosystems. On January 13, 2010, ocean conservation groups are asking citizens across the country to wear the color blue and to attend public rallies in select cities to show public support for the federal policy. The event, “ Wear Blue for the Ocean” , will be held in several cities around the country including San Francisco , New Orleans, Washington D.C., Honolulu, Cambridge, Galveston, and Tampa.

For more information, visit

For more information on the national policy, visit

WHO: ANYONE who cares about the health of our ocean
WHAT: “Where Blue for the Ocean Day” is a nation-wide public rally for the ocean that features special guest speakers, demonstrations and more!
WHEN: Wednesday, January 13th, 11:30a.m to 1p.m
WHERE: San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl.

Visit for other locations around the country.

For those that can’t attend the rally in person, they can wear blue wherever they are on January 13th and shoot a picture, it will speak volumes! Photos and videos can be submitted at

About Pacific Environment
Pacific Environment is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that protects the living environment of the Pacific Rim by promoting grassroots activism, strengthening communities and reforming international policies. For nearly two decades, we have partnered with local communities around the Pacific Rim to protect and preserve the ecological treasures of this vital region. Visit to learn more about our work.