College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Study Abroad Opportunites 2/5/10

February 5, 2010

1. CELL/Berkeley Sustainability Education Initiatives
2. Berkeley Programs for Study Abroad

1. CELL/Berkeley Sustainability Education Initiatives
Are you interested in making a real difference in the world while studying abroad? Would you like to take a leadership role in encouraging global sustainability? We still have space available in our Central America Spring 2010, our Iceland Maymester, and our Iceland Fall 2010 programs.

The Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) offers more than an exciting study abroad. What will you do?

• Earn 15 college credits while experiencing some of the world’s most inspiring examples of community sustainability, including working with internationally respected organizations like Heifer International, Solheimar (Iceland eco-village), Sustainable Harvest International, and others.
• Have an adventure of a lifetime while: experiencing diverse and captivatingly beautiful environments, or hiking to the top of a volcano, or helping conserve endangered sea turtles, or building and installing solar power systems in rural villages, or living and working in an eco-village and learning how people today are living sustainably and how you can to!
• Learn experientially and through service-learning opportunities that integrate classroom knowledge with real-world applications.
• Become a leader in promoting imaginative, creative solutions to the challenges our world faces.
• Discover how learning is not a spectator sport.

Our study abroad programs focus on sustainability through community and are designed to transform how you look at yourself and your global community – while providing opportunities for you to be of service to others. Although our programs have a sustainability theme, they are interdisciplinary by design and will fit any major or program of study.

If this sounds interesting, we invite you to consider joining us for a life-changing, educational adventure. Take a moment to visit our website at: or e-mail us at or feel free to give us a call at (207) 230-4025.

2. Berkeley Programs for Study Abroad
Can't ski, snowboard, or skate? You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to experience the many countries of the Winter Games. Check out some of the following UC Education Abroad Program destinations you could be studying at next winter or most any time of year:

* Host of the 2010 Olympics, Canada is a haven for winter sports and students looking to study in a vibrant, multicultural, urban setting set against spectacular scenic backgrounds.
* Germany is a perennial Winter Games medal winner and home to countless outdoor enthusiasts, as well as options for study in English, intensive German, or major study in German.
* Known for its two-time hosting of the Winter Olympics, Japan is also recognized for its study abroad opportunities, from Japanese language and international relations to science and engineering.
* Study in Russia and get a jump on the 2014 Winter Games while mastering the Russian language and acquiring knowledge of Russian culture, history, literature, and politics.
* Sweden's status as a strong competitor in the Winter Games is matched by its reputation for a high standard of living, rich and creative environment, and study abroad opportunities in English in a wide range of fields.