College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Upcoming Career Center Event 5/14/10

May 14, 2010

Medical School Admissions Panel, Wednesday, May 19
Join us on Wednesday, May 19, at 1 p.m. in Room 2060 VLSB to hear from a panel of medical school admissions representatives from Stanford and UCSF, and a Cal alum in residency at UCSF, for tips on succeeding during the upcoming medical school application season.

Panelists will discuss:
- what makes for a strong applicant
- personal statements
- how to represent what you're currently doing on your application
- how to manage being waitlisted
- common myths and misconceptions
- common mistakes and how to avoid them

Bring your questions because we will make time for group as well as individual Q&A.

Please RSVP on Callisto so we can anticipate audience size. To RSVP: Log in to Callisto at then select Programs & Workshops under the Shortcuts menu.