College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Course Offerings for Summer/Fall 2010

May 14, 2010

City College of San Francisco Geographic Information Systems Summer/Fall 2010 Workshops
We will be offering our GIS Quick Start during Summer 2010 beginning June 2nd through June 30th.

In addition, the GIS Education Center is offering seven courses this fall, beginning August 16th.

> GIS Theory & Practice (free)
> Geodatabases
> GIS Quick Start
> GIS Quick Start II
> GIS and the Urban Environment
> Introduction to Spatial Statistics
> Map Design & Data Visualization
> Public Health Analysis using GIS

- Hands-on training using ESRI’s ArcGIS
- Receive a free 1yr copy of ArcGIS and free ESRI Virtual Campus course
- Network with other professionals in the area!
- Strengthen your resume with spatial analysis skills

Discount: $30 off when registering one week prior to start date.

Please visit for workshop information and registration.