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Upcoming Events 8/27/10

August 27, 2010

August 27th 2010
I. CARES Seminar Series
II. Starting Point Mentorship Program
III. Golden Gate Audubon Field Trip Leader
IV. Free Readers from ReUSE
V. ReUSE: 2nd Chance Clothing Sale
VI. Energy Decal (ER 98/198) - 2 Units

I. CARES Seminar Series
A weekly seminar series on community assessment of renewable energy, with a focus on conservation, geothermal, microhydo-electric, solar photovoltaic, solar hot water heating, and wind energy.

Seminar will talk about approaches to understand user needs and the embedding of those needs into a design process to implement renewable energy and sustainability technology.

Units Available. Click here for more information.

II. Starting Point Mentorship Program
My name is Marcia Cantillana and I am facilitating the Starting Point Mentorship Program (SPMP) for fall 2010 at the Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center (located in the César Chavez Student Center).

The SPMP is currently recruiting transfer student mentors who can offer some of their time every week to prospective UC Berkeley transfer students. Mentors will earn 1–2 units for their participation during the semester. Most importantly, mentors can be an invaluable source of
guidance and support to community college transfer students navigating the UC Berkeley application process.

Please see the attached flyer to find more details about our mentorship program. As a UC Berkeley graduate and transfer student myself, I know that the College of Natural Resources offers a variety of popular majors for prospective Cal students, and yet, it is one of the hardest colleges to be accepted into. This is one of the many reasons I hope to encourage some of
your students - who possess valuable knowledge and experience here at Cal to join our Starting Point Mentorship Program.

Can earn 1-2 Units. Click here for more information.

III. Golden Gate Audubon Field Trip Leader
Golden Gate Audubon is looking to expand it's field trips program. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in leading field trips for birdwatchers, but also people who know about native plants, butterflies, local wildlife and history to combine with birding.

Click here for more information

IV. Free Readers from ReUSE
When: Tuesday and Wednesday (8/31 - 9/1)
Time: 10 AM - 3 PM each day
Where: Upper Sproul
Why: It's free and saves resources!

These readers were collected during move-out this past May, and include readers from last Fall and Spring semester. A lot of professors don't change the readers much year to year, so this is a great way to save money and be more environmentally friendly by reusing already existing materials, thus reducing our resource consumption.

There are readers from all subjects, including Poli Sci, Physics, Math, History, Chem, R1A/B, Theater/Film, ESPM, Geography, and MUCH MORE. Visit for more info about the program.

V. ReUSE: 2nd Chance Clothing Sale
Add to your wardrobe for cheap! Come to the annual 2nd Chance Clothing Sale, where everything is less than $5 each - shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, jackets, sweaters and lots more. The clothing was collected during move-out in the res. halls in May, and all proceeds go directly to the ReUSE program on campus. This sale promotes the ethics of reuse, which is sustainable by saves resources and diverting waste from the landfill.

When: Sept. 7 & 8 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Time: 10 AM - 3 PM
Where: Lower Sproul
Why: It's cheap and sustainable!

VI. Energy Decal (ER 98/198) - 2 Units
This course will explore the social, environmental and economic consequences of our carbon-based economy. We depend on energy to fuel our cars and airplanes, grow and transport our food, light our cities, warm our homes, cook our food, and power our machinery, appliances, and electronics. As we continue to deplete our energy sources (and pollute our air and water in the process), the challenge to satisfy our need for energy continues to mount. How will our generation respond?

We will use field trips, fun projects, guest speakers, films, and short readings to explore the energy cycle - tracing its origins, distribution, consumption, and waste. We'll also calculate our own climate footprint, debate about forms of renewable energy, and learn about the many opportunities available to become more energy efficient.

*The first day of class will be Wednesday, September 8th. *

lower div: 27353
upper div: 27401

Class will be Wednesdays 2-3:30pm.
(The class is listed 2-4pm on the schedule of classes for room
reservation purposes).

You must enroll for 2 units only!