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September 29, 2010

CNR News 10/1/10

I. Tele-Bears begins October 18th
II. Did you know?
III. CNR Alumni Association Picnic
IV. CNR is on Facebook
V. Applying to Graduate School Panel
VI. CNR Graduation ceremony

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Research 10/1/10

I. Approaching Undergraduate Research Deadlines
II. Abstracts for an Undergraduate Research Conference
III. Research Workshops
IV. Undergraduate Research Journal links and deadlines

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Jobs and Internships 10/1/10

I. I ♥ Tap Water Internship

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Upcoming Events 10/1/10

I. CACS Coffee Hour
II. Off Grid Energy Solutions In Developing Countries Speaker Series
III. Graduate School Open House
IV. Columbia Luncheon

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Opportunities 10/1/10

I. The Urban Energy Policy Institute Essay Competition
II. Conservation Leadership Practicum
III. Princeton in Africa

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September 24, 2010

Career Fairs 9/24/10

I. Law School Fair
II. Graduate School Fair

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CNR News 9/24/10

I. Duke graduate school recruitment
II. "Finding the Finances" Scholarship Workshop
III. CNR Social Science Majors Workshop
IV. Applying to Graduate School Panel

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September 21, 2010

Research 9/24/10

I. Undergraduate Research Journals
II. Research Deadlines
III. Research workshop
IV. Minority Health/Global Health Fellowship Program

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Jobs and Internships 9/24/10

I. Energy Service Corps
II. Conservation Biology Internship Opportunity
III. Challenging Poverty in the East Bay Internships

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Volunteer Opportunities 9/24/10

I. Cragmont Elementary Tutor

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September 17, 2010

CNR News 9/17/10

I. "How to Study Biology at Berkeley" Workshop
II. Scholarship Connection
III. CNR Social Science Majors Workshop
IV. DUKE Nicholas School of the Environment

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UC PPIA Fellowship 9/17/10

I. Public Policy & International Affairs (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute

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September 16, 2010

Research 9/17/10

I. Intramural NIAID Research Opportunities (INRO)
II. University of Virginia Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP)

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September 15, 2010

Study Abroad 9/17/10

I. Graduate School in London
II. Education Abroad Program (EAP) in Africa and Europe
III. Study Abroad Fair

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CNR Student Co-manages Recycling Program

By Wendy Edelstein, NewsCenter, UC Berkeley

Reusable objects deserve a second chance. That's the thinking behind a recently launched campus website that aims to decrease waste by helping Berkeley students, faculty, staff, and departments divest of unwanted items and find things they need.

The goal of the Exchange is to motivate people to give stuff away, rather than throw it into the garbage and add to the landfill.

The Exchange is modeled after the Freecycle Network, a global nonprofit compromising more than 4,800 local groups that facilitates materials exchange. Use of the Exchange is limited to members of the campus community and requires a email address to register.

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September 13, 2010

Sustainability Forum 9/15/10

I. Sustainability Forum

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Jobs and Internships 9/17/10

I. Berkeley Student Food Collective
II. Custodial Project Intern
III. Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University :Scholarships & Paid Internships
IV. IHS Journalism Internship Program
V. Public Policy Internships
VI. Humane Studies Fellowships

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Upcoming Events 9/17/10

I. Free Consulting Service in Statistics
II. Berkeley Student Food Collective
III. Teach for India
IV. Non Profit Video
V. SEEDs movie night
VI. Fall Students Sustainability Forum
VII. CACS Member Orientation

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Course Offering 9/17/10

I. Spanish for Future Doctors Decal
II. Strawberry Canyon Restoration Decal

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September 10, 2010

Course Offering 9/10/10

I. ARCH 298, "Design, Innovation, Collaboration."

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CNR News 9/10/10

I. CNR Alumni Association Picnic

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September 8, 2010

Letter from the Vice Chancellor for Research, Graham Fleming 9/10/10

Dear Students,

As our next generation of energy and climate scientists and policy makers, I am inviting you to attend an unprecedented symposium featuring energy and climate scientists from both UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, plus leading international experts, who will convene to discuss a range of critical issues and the best courses of action to secure our energy future. With energy at the center of our nation’s most pressing global challenges — national security, long-term economic competitiveness, and climate change — Berkeley is leading the way to finding solutions.

*Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future* on *October 1–2, 2010,* will bring together the finest, most passionate minds dedicated to issues related to energy supply, demand, policy, and the environment. Among our keynote speakers are: *Ralph Cicerone*, President of the National Academy of Sciences and world leading expert on atmospheric chemistry; Arun Majumdar, the first director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy, whose wide-ranging expertise includes energy-efficient technology and innovations in materials science; Chris Field, co-chair of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group and widely regarded for his research in ecosystem responses to global climate change; and Art Rosenfeld, long-time Commissioner to the California Energy Commission, and one of the most influential figures in helping the state of California achieve greater energy efficiency.

In addition to the keynote speakers, 16 distinguished presenters from UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab will present their own cutting-edge research and innovations. They include: Paul Alivisatos, director of Berkeley Lab and an authority on applying nanoscience to solar energy; Severin Borenstein, co-director of the Energy Institute at Haas and a leading
voice in economic policies for reducing greenhouse gases; Inez Fung, faculty director of the Berkeley Institute of the Environment and a specialist in predicting the effects of carbon dioxide levels on the planet and atmosphere; and Harrison Fraker, a Berkeley professor of architecture pursuing the design of entirely resource-self-sufficient, transit-oriented neighborhoods of 100,000 people in China.

This symposium pools together the vast expertise and transformational impact of two of the world’s foremost research institutions. It is free, but registration is required. I have enclosed a flier, and you may visit or e-mail for information and to register. There will be a lottery held for students, so please be sure to register before 5PM on September 15th .

I hope you will join me to learn about and become engaged with crucial efforts to realizing an affordable, endurable supply of global energy.


Graham Fleming

Vice Chancellor for Research &
Melvin Calvin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry University of
California, Berkeley

Jobs and Internships 9/10/10

I. San Francisco Dept of Environment
II. Ecology Internship at Presidio
III. Internship with State Senator Loni Hancock
IV. Business Mock Interview with Employer Representatives

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Research 9/10/10

I. Research Deadlines
II. Research Workshops

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September 7, 2010

Upcoming Events 9/10/10

I. The Last Crop
II. Project Vision
III. Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative
IV. Berkeley Scientific Journal
V. Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability
VI. Greening Operations (GO!) Team Opportunity
VII. New Recycling Carts Coming to Berkeley
VIII. Toxicology Student Assocaition

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September 3, 2010

CNR News 9/3/10

I. Honors Research Deadline Extension
II. Biology Majors Fair

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Announcements and Upcoming Events 9 /3 /10

I. Strawberry Creek Restoration Event
II. Optometry Conference
III. Career Center Announcements

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Courses Offerings 9/3/10

I. CARES Freshman/Sophomore Seminar
II. Beyond Berkeley: Preparation for Grad School
III. Digital Berkeley: Making Open Educational Resources

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Study Abroad 9/3/10

I. Spring Break 2011 to China and South Korea

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Research 9/3/10

September 3, 2010

I. Research Workshops

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Jobs and Internships

I. Environmental, Health and Safety Intern
II. Peer Health Exchange
III. Sustainable Transportation/ Bike Plan internship
IV. Green Campus internships
V. Center for Cites and Schools Fellowship

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