College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Course Offering 9/17/10

September 13, 2010

I. Spanish for Future Doctors Decal
II. Strawberry Canyon Restoration Decal

I. Spanish for Future Doctors Decal
Mondays 6:00-8:00PM Wheeler 106
Ethnic Studies 98/198, Section 4

Course Description:
Bilingual communications is becoming more and more important. With well over 35 million Spanish speakers in the United States, and with over 40% of the population growth being among the Hispanic people, the stage is set for an enormous increase in Spanish usage in the United States, particularly in the medical field and health sciences.

This course will teach students the basics of Spanish as it applies to the medical field such as physical examinations, emergencies, common diseases within the Latino population, and specializations. By familiarizing students with Conversational Spanish, medical Spanish as well as cultural beliefs and differences, this course will enable students to apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations, to assist in communications, and ultimately to break down the conversation barrier between doctors and patients.

At lease one year of Spanish experience is required. The course will be highly interactive; conversation-based with some lectures and presentations made by the coordinators.

II. Strawberry Canyon Restoration Decal
The Strawberry Creek Restoration Project has been working for over twenty years to improve water quality on campus, and is pleased to report that Strawberry Creek is well above standards for urban creek systems. Over this past year, we have shifted our focus from in-water health to a broader view of Strawberry Creek’s riparian corridors.

Over 600 volunteer students in this past year alone helped to remove invasive plant population from select areas on Berkeley’s central campus. Student volunteers reflected that their experience in these restoration efforts have been educational, fun, and valuable. In addition, this past year, we have trained a corp of restoration leaders, led a DeCal discussing restoration ecology and policy, and erected a native plant nursery on campus.

Here at the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project we are always looking for more volunteers from different backgrounds to assist us in our restoration efforts. We offer a wide variety of different activities for volunteers including, but not limited to:

Poetry Sessions
Nursery Care
Invasive Plant Removal
Trash Removal
Educational Outreach

This semester we are offering 1-unit of ESPM credit through our DeCal course. Students will be expected to attend seminars to discuss restoration ecology, and lead their own restoration project in one of our three ecological study areas on campus. Students can email me if they are interested in joining.

There are many avenues one can take to be involved with the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project, and we are never opposed to suggestions. To learn more about opportunities for students who would like to get their feet wet, click here.