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November 24, 2010

Research 11/24/10

I. Caltech Research

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November 23, 2010

Study Abroad 11/24/10

II. UC Davis Summer 2011 Study Abroad

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Upcoming Events 11/24/10

I. Thanksgiving Book Drive
II. UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition Energy & Cleantech Mixer

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Jobs and Internships 11/24/10

I. SLC Tutor

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November 19, 2010

Upcoming Events 11/19/10

I. UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition/Global Social Venture Competition Mixer
II. Conference on Water Woes

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November 18, 2010

CNR News 11/19/10

I. Available lab seats for Chem 1A

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Opportunities 11/19/10

I. Clinton Global Initiative University

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Jobs and Internships 11/19/10

I. Campus Ambassadors
II. Sunlink Corporation - Project Coordinators
III. Pasteur Foundation Internship
IV. Kaiser/UCSF Internship

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Scholarships 11/19/10

I. Clair Hill Scholarship
II. Scholarship List

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November 16, 2010

'Real food' collective opens for business next to campus

By Carol Ness, NewsCenter

When Berkeley students derailed the imminent arrival of Panda Express on campus last year, their strongest argument against the fast-food chain was the vision of an alternative — a market that would provide local, sustainable, healthful foods.

On Monday, their vision became a reality when the Berkeley Student Food Collective threw open its doors on Bancroft Way, directly across from Eshleman Hall and steps from Sproul Plaza. By afternoon, it was buzzing with customers.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, most grown within 150 miles, filled shelves and a refrigerator case, alongside coolers stocked with Straus milk, Glaum eggs and Columbia Gorge juices, all organic. Bulk bins offered dozens of staples, from flour to rice to chocolate chips, that students — not to mention faculty and staff — can take home for a meal or a batch of cookies.

Wraps, sandwiches, coffee and tea also will be sold, offering a "real food" lunch option close to campus.

By operating as a nonprofit collective, with members donating two hours of free labor a week, the store hopes to keep prices low. Since August, when they signed a lease on a former nail salon, members have been hard at work converting the 600-square-foot space to a food market.

A local artist filled the walls with a brightly colored mural showing farm-to-table scenes, along with giant vegetables. The artwork provides an instant education in the store's principles and the political, environmental and humane aspects of food production. Big leaves dangling from a tree limb that appears to curl around the top of the narrow room blaze with the collective's red-lipped logo and definitions like "sustainable – practices which can be carried out indefinitely without irreversible damage or resource depletion."

"We want this to be a living classroom," says operations manager Alex Stone, who graduated in 2009 and is the store's only paid employee. "We want to make sure people are educated about their food choices, which is where this all started."

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November 12, 2010

Volunteer Opportunities 11/12/10

Research 11/12/10

I. UROP International program

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November 10, 2010

CNR News 11/12/10

I. Did you know?
II. Involvement Opportunities for Winter and Spring Break" Panel
III. Fabilli Hoffer essay contest

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Graduate Programs 11/12/10

I. Princeton University - Science ,Technology and Environmental Policy
II. Yale's F&ES Program

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November 8, 2010

Upcoming Events 11/12/10

I. UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition/Global Social Venture Competition Mixer
II. UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition Mixer with Engineering: Web & Tech
III. BERC and BEACN - The Undergraduate Energy and Resources Career Expo
IV. 2011 PLAYgreen Festival
V. Marine Technology Professional Society
VI. Berkeley Student Food Collective Store Opening and Gala
VII. AAVP Presents...An Academic Affair

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Jobs and Internships 11/12/10

I. CleanPowerSF Internship
II. GIS Analyst
III. CAL FIRE - Fire & Resource Management
IV. AAVP-ASUC Summer Internships

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November 5, 2010

CNR News 11/5/10

I. Did You Know?
II. "Involvement Opportunity for Winter and Spring Break" Panel
III. Commencement Committee

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Study Abroad 11/5/10

I. Spring Break in Beijing and Korea

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Jobs and Internships 11/5/10

I. CAL FIRE seasonal and limited long term Fire & Resource Management Positions
II. Watershed Restoration Position
III. Resident Assistant (RA) Positions
IV. WCGA Marine Debris Internship
V. IMHOTEP Public Health Internship

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November 4, 2010

Generation Waking Up

Wake Up. Stand Up. Build Up.

Thursday, November 18th
6:00 - 9:30pm
(Location coming soon!)

Hey folks!

You're invited to a special event called Generation Waking Up (The WakeUp for short). The WakeUp is a 3-hour multi-media, interactive, peer-led workshop that explores the ways in which we, as students, can confront our current social and environmental challenges.

Through live music, spoken word, media, interactive group exercises, and dialogue, the Wake Up takes participants through a transformative exploration of the critical questions facing students and society today:

1) Who Are We? Who are we as individuals and as a generation? What makes us unique and powerful?

2) Where Are We? What are the current issues threatening our modern world?

3) What Has to Change? What has to change in order to create a thriving, just, sustainable world?

4) What Do We Do Now? What projects and movements already exist? What is actually possible for the future? And what do we have to contribute to this Movement as individuals and as a generation?

The WakeUp is sponsored by a variety of UC Berkeley student groups, including Bridges, CalCorps, ASUC, and others. We're excited to see you there!

Please RSVP here:

-Ryan Cole

Cal Corps Shinnyo-en Fellow

P.S. See the Generation Waking Up website for more information

November 2, 2010

Research 11/5/10

I. Center for Middle Eastern Studies Undergraduate Research Grant
II. Biology Fellows Program
III. Institute for International Studies Undergraduate Merit Scholarships
IV. Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize Info Session: Funding for post graduation project
V. Research Workshops

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November 1, 2010

Upcoming Events 11/5/10

I. Food Movements Unite! Challenges for the Local-Global Transformation of our Food Systems
II. Business Mock Interview for Non-Business Students

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Opportunities 11/5/10

I. Business Plan Competition Mixer with Engineering: Web & Tech
II. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace- Junior Fellows Program

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