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CNR News 11/19/10

November 18, 2010

I. Available lab seats for Chem 1A

I. Available lab seats for Chem 1A
Spring Chem 1A filled up during Phase 1 and some students were only able to waitlist into the labs. Chem 1A just opened up three more labs, but they are all Fridays 1-5. and it's first-come-first-served for those seats. Students who did not Phase 1 Chem 1A or are not high on the waitlist for their lab should strongly consider signing up for the Friday 1-5 labs at their earliest opportunity if they want to take Chem 1A in the spring.

The Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research Program (SPUR Program) encourages faculty and undergraduate students in the College of Natural Resources to collaborate on research projects by providing a grant to support their joint project. The funding for this program is generously donated by CNR alumni.

There are two types of SPUR projects, Faculty projects and Student Initiated Projects. In January, CNR undergraduates will be able to see and apply to faculty initiated projects. This program is similar to URAP and students are encouraged to look into both SPUR and URAP projects.

Eligible students who have identified a project or topic that they would like to pursue as a Student Initiated project, have hopefully been meeting with their CNR faculty mentor. Proposals are due by 12/10. For details about the SPUR Student Initiated application process, please see the SPUR site: SPUR is for Juniors and Seniors only.

SPUR Student Initiated Project Info Sessions:
Monday, 11/22, 12:15-12:45, 260 Mulford Hall
Monday, 11/29, 4:00-4:30, 260 Mulford Hall
Thursday, 12/2, 2:45, 260 Mulford Hall

Anyone with questions may contact Susan Kishi,