College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Jobs and Internships 11/24/10

November 23, 2010

I. SLC Tutor

I. SLC Tutor
The Student Learning Center is currently accepting applications from students who are interested in becoming science tutors this spring. Besides having the opportunity to assist other students by tutoring them in the course(s) of their choice, new tutors receive significant training in both tutoring and lecturing through the weekly SLC Science new tutor training seminars. Tutoring in the sciences at the SLC is an excellent way to assist your fellow classmates, acquire useful communication skills for yourself, and also find out if teaching is something that you might be interested in doing more of in the future.

We have openings for tutors on a credit or auditing (no units) basis in the following courses:
* Biology 1A, 1B
* Chemistry 1A, 3A(L), 3B(L), 4A
* MCB 102
* NST 10
* Physics 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B
* Astro 10

We may have paid tutor openings in Physics - (Applicants must have completed 2 semesters of physics, preferably 7A/7B) [for Spring 2011, we do not anticipate having any paid tutor openings for new tutors in biology or chemistry.]

We may have paid study group leader openings in Bio 1A this spring: [for Spring 2011, we do not anticipate having group leader openings for new tutors in chemistry or physics.]

Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Interviews will begin during RRR week and will continue into the second week of classes in the Spring. The latest that we anticipate accepting applications is Friday, January 21st but some of the positions (especially for pay) will have been filled by then. So turning an application in sooner is definitely advantageous to you.

To apply to be a tutor, download the application using the following link: This online application contains everything you need to apply to be an SLC tutor, and it should contain answers to most questions. If you have any questions after looking at it, please feel free to email.