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Study Abroad 11/5/10

November 5, 2010

I. Spring Break in Beijing and Korea

I. Spring Break in Beijing and Korea
SNA Educational Group, in conjunction with the Educational Bureau of China, is again offering subsidized learning excursions to Beijing and other cities in China during spring break, 2011, tours designed exclusively for American and Canadian educators and their families. In April, 2010, we conducted several very successful trips to China, introducing 600 teachers and staff from across North America to the remarkable history and culture of China. We enjoyed very positive reviews and urge you to contact us for references.

The following are the links to the travel itineraries: (the following prices are based on San Francisco and Los Angeles departures)
* Beijing, China 8 days $999 -
* Seoul, South Korea 8 days $1399 –

These tours will provide an opportunity to observe the fascinating elements of both the Chinese and Korean cultures, a chance to interact with local people, and explore the sights for which East Asia is so well known. We have scheduled visits to local schools, where our guests will interact with both students and teachers in the classrooms, view hand Chinese educational facilities, discuss teacher training programs with educators, and discover how young students live.

In Beijing, we have also arranged visits to one of the centuries-old courtyards, a Hu Tong, where the majority of the Beijing population lived for centuries. Here, host families will cook traditional Chinese lunches in their homes for our members. Both this and the school visit have been amongst the activities most warmly enjoyed by our guests.

Please help us by circulating this information to your colleagues and staff. Family members and friends are welcome to join us. We also offer extended tours after the main tours to various cities in China.