College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Upcoming Events 2/4/11

February 3, 2011

I. Hungry For Justice Symposium
II. The International Student Experience at Berkeley: Pathways to Personal and Academic Success Workshop Series
III. Woman of Color Support Circle
IV. Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Symposium & Celebration
V. Berkeley Scientific Journal - First Meeting
VI. The Local - Fresh Produce on Sproul

I. Hungry For Justice Symposium
Students for Economic and Environmental Justice from UC Berkeley School of Law is presenting their 7th annual Environmental Justice Symposium: Growing Equitable Food System. Come attend on February 14-17. For more information and location of each event, please click here.

II. The International Student Experience at Berkeley: Pathways to Personal and Academic Success Workshop Series
January 26, 2011-April 27, 2011
Presented by Berkeley International Office:
The Berkeley International Office is proud to present a workshop series designed to enhance the experience of international students and scholars at UC Berkeley by examining the American classroom, community and life. All twelve, weekly workshops will take place in the International House at 4pm on the designated dates. Check the I House schedule of events for the room location. All members of the Berkeley community are welcome to attend. No reservations required.

U.S. Society: Welcome to America | Wednesday, January 26
America is an ethnically and racially diverse country as a result of large-scale immigration from many different countries throughout its history. We will look at various aspects of U.S. society such as class, race, and gender. Our guest speaker is Joanna Doran, a doctoral student in Social Welfare at UC Berkeley. Her research Interests include immigration and acculturation, family therapy and theory, social development.

U.S. Political System | Thursday, February 3
An overview of the U.S. political system, including the functions of the three branches of government, the process by which we elect our leaders, and the Constitution. Our guest speaker is Gregory Elinson, a doctoral student in Political Science at UC Berkeley. His research interests include American constitutional politics and history, American political development, and social and urban policy.

Cultural Adjustment: What Does It Mean for Me? | Wednesday, February 9
Living in a foreign culture can be a confusing experience. What is culture and how will cultural differences affect your experience in the U.S.? In this session we will examine your personal values and preferences while outlining general U.S. American norms to help you adjust to life in this society. Our guest speaker is Breidi Truscott, an intercultural/diversity trainer who also provides Intercultural Literacy workshops for campus staff.

Popular Culture: Why is everything super-sized? | Thursday, February 17
Various forms of cultural expression will be examined such as national holidays, American sports, fast food, arts/entertainment, and other influences that are considered uniquely American.

History of Berkeley | Thursday, February 24
Berkeley is a diverse and unique place. Learn the history behind the civil rights, free speech and counterculture movements.

Finding Your Social Network: Building Relationships in the U.S. | Thursday, March 3
Join us as we explore social conventions practiced in everyday life and examine relationships in various contexts.

Do You Speak American? | Wednesday, March 9
Effective communication involves more than just words. You must be fluent in body language, intonation, slang and styles of communication. Whether English is your second language or you're a native speaker, this session will enhance your fluency.

UC Berkeley: An American Research University | Wednesday, March 30
The general characteristics of an American research university will be highlighted as well as what makes UCB unique. Also included will be effective strategies for undergraduate students to successfully navigate the academic and campus environment.

Teaching Styles and Classroom Expectations | Thursday, April 7
Achieve greater success by becoming familiar with American teaching methodology and learn about faculty expectations of students in the classroom.

Communicating in an Academic Environment | Wednesday, April 13
Effective communication is an essential aspect to academic success. This session will cover how students can successfully communicate in both written and spoken language.

Strategies for Academic Success | Thursday, April 21
Many practical tools are available to students to help them succeed while pursuing their undergraduate studies. This lesson will focus on the many different strategies students can use to achieve academic success.

Self Awareness: The Key to Personal and Academic Success | Wednesday, April 27
Gaining self-awareness may allow you to leverage your strengths and weaknesses and help maximize your personal and academic achievements. This session will help you understand yourself and others better.

III. Woman of Color Support Circle
This group provides an opportunity for women of diverse cultural backgrounds (including but not limited to African, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Biracial/Multiracial, Chicana, Latina, Middle Eastern & Native American) to connect with other women of color on campus. The purpose of the group is to provide a supportive space where women of color can engage in discussion, exploration and self expression related to the challenges, complexities, and celebrations related to their life at UC Berkeley. First meeting will be Tuesday, March 1, 2011 from 5-6:30pm in César Chávez Student Center, Rm. 242.

Referral from a Counseling & Psychological Services counselor & a pre-group meeting with the facilitator are required. Please speak to your current CPS counselor (if you have one), or call CPS at 510-642-9494 for a phone appointment to talk with a counselor about joining this group. You can also contact the group facilitator, Dr. Laura Ortiz Guillén, at 510-643-5738 if you would like further information.

IV. Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Symposium & Celebration
Saturday, February 26, 2011
International House at UC Berkeley
2299 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Symposium on the Peace Corps' past & future
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Peace Corps Reunion and Celebration
($15 or free for members of the Northern California Peace Corps Association) Registration required at

Innovative Ideas
As part of Northern California's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, A $250 prize will be awarded to the best suggestion for how to increase the relevance and impact of the Peace Corps over the next 50 years. The winner will be decided by participants of the Feb. 26 Peace Corps Anniversary Symposium. Ideas must be 50 words or less and can be submitted online at or at the symposium. The deadline for online submissions is midnight PST on Feb. 24. You do not need to participate in the Peace Corps Symposium to enter the contest.

V. Berkeley Scientific Journal - First Meeting
Interested in science and/or writing? Looking for leadership opportunities in journalism? Trying to get some experience in scientific publishing? Check out the award-winning Berkeley Scientific Journal! As an undergraduate-run scientific publication, we have been publishing independent research done by Berkeley undergraduates since 1996. Every semester, we also publish interviews with faculty members, reviews of science books, and articles on current issues in science and technology. If you are interested in getting your research published, writing a features article, designing the cover and layout of the journal, conducting interviews, or becoming part of our editorial board, then BSJ is the student group for you! No previous experience is required, and we are always looking for motivated individuals to become a part of our team.

Attend our first general meeting to join on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 5:00pm, 9 Durant Hall.

VI. The Local - Fresh Produce on Sproul
The Local is a student-run produce stand on Upper Sproul in front of Tully's Coffee every Monday from 10am - 2 pm. Come purchase your fresh, sustainably grown, organic fruits, vegetables and nuts at BARGAIN PRICES from students of the Sustainability Team. All produce comes from small local family farms and is not marked up, so the campus community can have access to the highest quality foods for a fraction of the price.

Last week we had apples and satsumas for a $1 lb, organic walnuts for $3.50 lb, huge grapefruits for $.50 each, strawberries for $2.50 a basket, and much much much more! Come check us out every Monday!!/group.php?gid=148543919266.