College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Abroad Opportunities 4/1/11

March 31, 2011

I. Global Student Embassy Volunteer Opportunities
II. Windaid Opportunity in Peru
III. University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute
IV. Study Abroad in English!

I. Global Student Embassy Volunteer Opportunities
Global Student Embassy is offering two trips during the summer: To coastal Ecuador, and to rural Tanzania.

In Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador, students will reforest degraded forests along a beautiful beach. Reforestation will lower atmospheric carbon, lead to local cooling, restore local stream flow, and improve habitats for native species. Students will also have the opportunity to teach farming in the community of Tosagua, and to help provide basic needs to school children. The cost of the trip is $2400, not including airfare. Partial scholarships are available for students committed to taking on more responsibility.

In Morogoro, Tanzania, students will build a school/community library in a Maasai village outside of Morogoro. The Maasai are traditionally nomadic folks who asked us to help them build a library so that their students would be prepared to enter the globalized workforce. Morogoro is gorgeous, and within striking distance of some of the world's best wildlife parks. The cost of the trip is $2650, not including airfare. Partial scholarships are available for students committed to taking on more responsibility.

You can find more information, including applications at

II. Windaid Opportunity in Peru
Are you interested in renewable energy, wind turbines, environmetnal issues, development projects or simply volunteering your time to make a real difference in the world? Then volunteering with WindAid could the perfect experience for you. WindAid is a non-profit social responsibility organisation based in Trujillo, Peru and we run environmental development projects building wind turbines for communities in Peru without access to electricity.

As a volunteer on one of our projects, you will be involved in building a wind turbine from scratch and then spend the final week of the programme living with the community while you install the wind turbine. The programme offers the opportunity to get involved in hands-on engineering, learn more about wind energy and international development projects or just experience life in another country. Volunteers do not need any previous skills, just an interest and enthusiasm for renewable energy or a desire to make a difference to the environment.

The dates for our upcoming programs are:
* 6th June - 8th July 2011
* 26th September - 28th October 2011
* 7th November - 9th December 2011
* 30th January - 2nd March 2012
* 26th March - 27th April 2012

Each program is limited to 8 volunteers and places do fill quickly so if you are interested then contact us as soon as possible. Details of the cost and what is and isn't included can be found here (

For more information please visit our website ( or Facebook group ( and take a look at photos of our past projects. Attached is a blog from one of our volunteers about his volunteering experience.

III. University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute
The University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute invites your students to participate in the fall 2011 Wilderness and Civilization Program, based in Missoula. For more than 30 years, the Wilderness Institute has been offering this innovative immersion program focused on conservation and environment in the Northern Rockies. Out-of-state students can participate as exchange students for the fall semester only or for an entire academic year.

In Wilderness and Civilization, a small community of 25 students gets the best of both worlds: campus and field learning. Students spend 30 days in the field throughout the program, learning firsthand how the ecology, politics, history, and culture of a place shape conservation efforts. Field trips include a ten-day backpack into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area and shorter trips to Yellowstone National Park, the Flathead Reservation, and the Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Mission Valleys. Field trips complement campus-based classes by exploring the specific ways that managers, community activists, tribal members, and landowners meet today’s conservation challenges.

Apply Now – Application deadline April 1st
Because the Wilderness and Civilization Program is limited to 25 students, interested students need to apply soon. Applications can be obtained online at The program is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors of any major with a GPA of 3.0 or greater. We encourage participation of out-of-state students through National Student Exchange and other similar programs. ^. The application deadline is April 1st.

For more information visit or email Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

IV. Study Abroad in English!
Did you take a foreign language in high school? How competent do you feel in that language now? Perhaps...not so much. While we at BPSA are all about language learning, especially now that the campus has expanded foreign language course offerings, we also understand that studying abroad in English can be a great option. Whether it's traditional destinations like the United Kingdom and Australia, or countries that you might not have considered before, check out the many opportunities to study abroad in an English-speaking country.

The National University of Singapore
One of the world's top-ranked universities, the National University of Singapore offers a wide variety of disciplines and an opportunity to experience the multi-ethnic, modern city-state of Singapore. Learn more with these photos and videos from past EAP students.

University of Ghana
Are you ready for the challenges and rewards of study in West Africa? At the University of Ghana, you can choose from a wide variety of subjects and take advantage of independent study, research, and community service opportunities. Picture yourself in Ghana with the EAP orientation video and student blogs from Miriam Alvarado, Kaileigh McCrea, Melody Mo, Marissa Silverman, and Annemieke Wilcox.

University of British Columbia
Believe it or not, studying in Canada is "studying abroad"! Situated in the diverse and scenic city of Vancouver, the University of British Columbia is one of Canada's most renowned universities and an excellent choice for a semester or year abroad. Students who study in Canada can apply for the Killam Fellowship to fund up to $10,000 for study.

For more information, please visit