College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Class Offerings 2011.10.21

October 21, 2011

- NE 162 - Radiation Biophysics and Dosimetry

NE 162 - Radiation Biophysics and Dosimetry
Spring 2012 TuTh 5:00-6:30 pm cc# 64024
Goals: The course is designed to provide students with an elementary background in the basic physical and biological factors governing radiation effects in man and with practical means for assessing and controlling the radiation doses expected from various radiation fields.
Description: The following topics will be covered: radioactivity, sources of radiation and radioactivity, interaction of radiation with matter, dosimetry units and measurement, biological effects of ionizing radiation, theories and models for cell survival, radiation sensitivity and carcinogenesis, metabolism of radionuclides, radiation-exposure regulations, calculation of radiation exposure and dose, medical (diagnostic and therapy) and industrial application of radiation, environmental dispersion, biological pathways, radiation protection guides, radiation shielding, Monte Carlo modeling of radiation transport for dosimetry and shielding calculations, personnel and environmental monitoring. The course will include modeling of an artificial cell system in silico under the Matlab platform. This program will be used to predict the effects of radiation on cells, including cell killing, under different conditions such as cell repair abilities, cell-cycle and cell-cell communication (bystander effect).